Sarah Palin on The O'Reilly Factor: Still Bashing Family Guy, Plugging Facebook Page

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Ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is steamed, and rightfully so, over some blatantly tasteless Down Syndrome mockery on last weekend's episode of Fox's Family Guy - a low blow clearly inspired by her own mentally challenged child.

But man, does she love any excuse to run her mouth.

On The O'Reilly Factor, Palin reiterated how offended she is at the Family Guy quotes that ridiculed her family (as they do everyone and everything else).

In between about 37 plugs for daughter Bristol's Facebook page, Sarah righteously saddled up on her high horse to promote Sarah Palin defend son Trig.

She also demanded that White House Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel resign for using the term "retard" but defended Rush Limbaugh for the same thing.

Her defense of Rush is perhaps the most puzzling. Why not say he was wrong to use it too? Is this woman for real?! Check out her interview below:

Whose side are you on?

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Family guy is a hack show that only the dangerously large 'cult of Hollywood' would defend on the basis of it's prime time viewership. Sarah is right to be upset. I don't like Sarah as a politician, but she's right to be annoyed and it's only the mindless, conformist masses of Hollywood zombies who disagree with her disgruntlement, and show similar support for anything else that has high ratings not matter how awful it is.


Of course Palin COMPLELETLY IGNORES the fact that it was a young lady with Down's Syndrome in real life playing the part of the character, who saw the job as a lot of fun and objected to Palin's comments as she felt that all people deserved to be treated equally. But you know, who needs facts when you can be HOLLYWOOD! Right Sarah?


$arah continues to be an air-head bubble-brain who talk$ loud, $ay$ nothing, and is still able to command a $alary for being $arah, and $he is teaching Bri$ol how to do the $ame!!


I didn't hear the R-word in what I've seen of this Family Guy episode. But lately, I hear everybody else throwing it around. Replace the N-word for the R-word and now how do these politicians sound? Sarah Palin is an idiot. I don't use the N-word or the R-word or the C-word for that matter because they offend me. It bothers me that Sarah Palin and so many other people throw it around like it's a part of their everyday vocabulary. Can we all spread the word that the R-word is offensive and hurtful?
Also, while I've got my 30 seconds here, what the hell is she referencing Facebook so much for? It's like she's still in high school, she thinks she's pretty cool, and she wants to prove to us how cool she is. Ugh, she just rubs me the wrong way.


Once again, Sarah Palin has been shown to be a hypocrite.


Here is the thing, MAYBE "Family Guy" was tasteless (personally I watched it and did not find it be so, but that's juyt ME)///BUT the issue is the double standard that $arah tries to perpetuate. She took issue with Rahm and WE said, "yeah, Palin is right!" BUT then Rush did the same thing and Palin defended LIMBAUGH!!! WTF????
So, now FAMILY GUY is wrong? Palin is setting herself up as THE DECIDER of what is offensive and what is not...of course, people aren't going to defend Palin THIS TIME. She is an hypocrite, a political opportunist. It's not about FAMILY GUY, it's about Palin letting Rush slide off the hook.


Thanks McFarland, for showing America just how far the Palin's
have their heads stuck up their a.s.s. Her baby is retarded and if they had been home long enough to look at him, they would have noticed that by now. McFarland just proved she is not
smart enough for the big


A.P: After eating dinnner at the Olive Garden, Sarah Palin took to Twitter to express outrage and dismay that her waiter didn't bring a second order of garlic breadsticks after she asked. "This is yet more examples of how the liberal media tries to ignore real, hard working Americans, by denying them breadsticks. Clearly Barack Obama's job stimulus has failed. How's my makeup?" The former half-term governor of the 47th least populated state in the union remarked. Her 17 Twitter fans agreed, as well as the 24 attendees at "Teabagger-Palooza," being held in the local Tea Klux Klan hall. Polls showed 98% of Americans no longer cared what Palin had to say about breadsticks. Regardless, the Sunday talkshows booked breadstick manufacturers, Olive Garden employees, people who'd eaten breadsticks and, of course, Newt Gingrich, John McCain and Joe Lieberman on all three networks for commentary on what they're now terming: "Breadstickgate."


stop giving Palin a reason to run her mouth and use it as her


She and her "TEA-BAGGERS" are a joke! Family Guy has hit it right on the head once again.

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