Did Jessica Simpson "Create" John Mayer?

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A celebrity gossip magazine alleges that Jessica Simpson created the dating monster that is John Mayer. Must have been a slow week over at OK! HQ.

Before he met Jessica, John Mayer was "just another musician," according to friends of Simpson, who are delusional and say she put him on the map.

While it is possible that Jessica helped catapult John onto the celebrity dating map in a sense, he was a well-established figure in that realm as well.

The name Jennifer Love Hewitt ring a bell, anyone? Thought so. In any case, Jessica's friends are on the offensive after John betrayed her this month ...

Open Wide

How these two didn't last is beyond us.

In any case, the magazine says it was Jessica’s relationship with John - who recently humiliated her by revealing intimate details about their sex life - that propelled his ascent up the dating food chain after the couple split in 2006.

“It was only after she gave her seal of approval that A-listers like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz started dating him,” the source says. “Before that he was a successful musician, no doubt, but Jess ushered him into the world of celebrity dating.”

“A lot of Jess’s friends joke that she created a monster,” a source tells OK!, adding: “She put John on the map and made him a tabloid sensation.”

There's no way those quotes are real, but hey, it's a good celebrity gossip debate - did Jessica raise John's dating profile? Or was he slumming it?

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John Mayer was known well before Jessica Simpson dated him in fact he was better known for his Song ''Route 66'' in The Film ''Cars'' which came out before John and Jessica officially dated so in fact he was already in the media spotlight a year or so before dating her.


And he dated Vanessa Carlton prior to her. Now who dated Jessica prior to John? many...and she was still married to Nick Lachey. Who's the bad guy? the girl.


I knew who John was before 'the media ho' and that's saying something. All she did was introduce him to the tabloids. Which made her...she's absolutely nothing and should take a cue from John's current epiphany and 'shut the hell up'. lol


Well...you know...maybe they have a point. I wanted to say that he was dating JLH (Your Body is a Wonderland is dedicated to her) but while they were going out, the world didn't really care. It was only after he started dating Jess is when he started being all over the place. And God smite the day Twitter was invented. But does anyone know who he was dating prior to Jess?