American Idol Makes First Four Cuts

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Sheryl Crow once crooned that "the first cut is the deepest."

For American Idol last night, the first four cuts were the most erroneous. Let's analyze each below:

Joe Munoz over Tim Urban?!? The latter might be cute, but did you see the look of shock on his face after Ryan told Tim he was safe? Did viewers really do Urban a favor by keeping him around and ensuring his weak vocal skills will be torn apart again and again until America comes to its senses?

Tyler Grady over Jermaine Sellers?!? We weren't fans of Grady's 1970s-inspired gimmick, either. But he made a great point (which Simon acknowledged, if you read his lips) about the judges selecting him for the semifinals... but then jumping all over him for the same schtick that got him there.

It would have been nice to have seen if Tyler had more to offer going forward, especially compared to the over-emotional nonsense that Sellers through our way this week.

Given the Boot

Janell Wheeler over Haeley Vaughn?!? Yes, Wheeler chose the wrong song. She's not a rocker. But Vaughn comes across like some sort of frightening, dressed-up doll. She just looks awkward on stage and her rendition of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" wasn't strong.

Ashley Rodriguez over Lacey Brown?!? Brown was really bad and Ashley is really good looking. Come on, voters!

At least we got to see Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen perform. And at least we can still look forward to Crystal Bowersox, Didi Benami and Andrew Garcia next week. But this was a poor start for the viewing public.

Did you agree with who was sent home? As you ponder that question, check out a few photos below from the first results show of season nine:

For Haiti
Goodbye, Good Luck
There, There
Final Song

eJqiE8 Very true! Makes a cnhage to see someone spell it out like that. :)


i completely agree, selena.
my top 5 girls this season are:
1. katie stevens
2. janell wheeler
3. didi benami
4. ashley rodriguez
5. crystal bowersox now, only three of my favorites remain. my top 5 men are:
1. todrick hall
2. aaron kelly
3. andrew garcia
4. john park
5. tyler grady
if i included a 6th, joe munoz would be it. but both joe AND tyler are gone. and my top 3 worst females, then males?
1.lacey brown
2.siobhan magnus (what kind of a name is that?)
3. none.. the others are good. BOYS
1. jermaine sellers (annoying as hell)
2. tim urban
3. michael lynche (i completely adore this guy's personality, and how contagiously happy he seems, but let's face it, his vocals aren't totallly amazing)


no doubt that tim urban is one of the cutest idol contestants ever, but he cannot sing. same with jermaine. joe had a GREAT voice, and even if tyler grady's whole 70's-inspired thing was a little whack, the boy has got MAD talent.
also, janell's very first performance in hollywood week was GENIUS, and she was far from the worst performance of all the girls.
and ashley, the girl is not only pretty, but very likable too. big, strong voice too. they should've kept her.


...that Sellers through our way this week.... This should be threw, as in threw a ball, not through as in to pass through.


Check out
That is why Haeley and Tim are still there. Like it or hate it, I think their plan is working!


Jermaine Sellars is very talented so leave him out of your discussions. Tyler Grady didn't impress with his song and he's a little out there for the young voters in America. As for Tim Urban, voters didn't want to see him kicked off his first week being invited back. He's adorable.


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