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For years, we thought the only thing wrong with Two and a Half Men were the incredibly immature and unfunny quotes uttered on the sitcom each week.

Little did we know about the scandals plaguing its stars behind the scenes. While Charlie Sheen’s struggle with alcohol, drugs and domestic abuse have been well-documented, they almost pale in comparison to the troubles facing Jon Cryer.

In May 2009, the actor’s ex-wife, Sarah Trigger, was arrested on charges of felony child neglect. Reports indicated she had choked her and Cryer’s eight-year old son.

Now, according to documents in the custody battle between the couple (obtained by TMZ), Trigger asked ex-boyfriend Eddie Sanchez to murder Cryer and her first estranged husband, David Dickey.

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“Mr. Sanchez… said that it was [Sarah Trigger] who had contacted him on numerous occasions, stating that she wanted to see the pair [Cryer and Dickey] dead, and even asking Mr. Sanchez if he would kill the pair,” the documents read.

The FBI launched an investigation into this matter last month, but would not comment on anything beyond that.

Vicki Greene, Trigger’s lawyer, defended her client to TMZ:

“Sarah has not threatened anyone, especially Jon and those are statements that are refuted and she has evidence to show that Mr. Sanchez has already recanted those statements to her.”

We’ll follow up on this story and post those statements if they surface. For now, the situation is even scarier than the fact that so many people tune in to Two and a Half Men each week.

** UPDATE: TMZ now reports that a voicemail, allegedly left by Sanchez, was left on Trigger’s mother’s phone on January 22 and it stated that Sarah never asked him to kill anyone.