Alex Meraz Calls Out Taylor Lautner, Valentine's Day: Movie is "Lame and Desperate"

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Now we know why Alex Meraz is a member of the Wolfpack in New Moon: the guy isn't afraid to bare his fangs.

In August of 2009, the actor threw down the shirtless gauntlet to Taylor Lautner, challenging his status at the hottest hunk in the Twilight Saga.

Now, Meraz has stirred up controversy by playing the role of movie critic: last night, he Tweeted his disdain for the upcoming film Valentine's Day, which stars Lautner, Taylor Swfit, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Julia Roberts and other A-listers.

"Sorry Taylor but the movie 'valentines day" looks lame and desperate it cries out 'look we have all the biggest starz in 1movie pleez watch!'


Realizing that he may have jeopardized his future big screen career, and having not actually seen the movie, Meraz backtracked just an hour later. He wrote:

"P.S. it has nothing to do with the talented actors in the movie I just don't like the producer & Directors 'get rich quick skeem' nuff said."

Well, Alex, we don't like your kindergarten-level of spelling, but you don't see us publicly calling you out on that, do you?

Watch the Valentine's Day trailer now and let us know: Will you be seeing this romantic comedy?


The movie got terrible reviews so the kid is right.


i dont agree with alex. i mean if the director wanted a good movie then he would hire good actors and famous actors are famous because they are good at acting. i dont think he should just call the movie crying out for attention just because it has good actors in them. and for all those who dont want to see the movie cuz taylor swift is in it. i dont even think she is in it that long. like her name wasnt on the list of main actors. i think she just got the attention because it was her first movie and she was having lip lock scenes with her 'boyfriend' taylor lautner.


it seems kindaa... stupid.


well i do agree that taylor swift can't act at all. but maybe she somehow did it right this time in the movie because she was with taylor lautner, her crush. goshh, everyone should know by now that taylor swift's crush is taylor lautner. i think that everyone should give taylor swift a shot and watch the movie.


Well he wouldn't be complaining if he was one of the "biggest starz" in it would he? He needs to become as successful as Taylor Lautner before he can call him out on film roles...


uh...just wondering exactly how big is her part in the movie? cause if she only has 2 lines then whatever right? it cant be that bad...but i looks kinda...yeah.


may be a flake fest..but it does have lots of big names...and what is better than a big cast filled chick flick on valentines day, that bears the same name??? talk about moolah in the mix...destined to flop with the critics; but, make a lot on that silly date night....


He is right!!!! The storyline pretty much SUCKS from the looks of the preview. I think it will bomb.


Nope. Too overrated.. Also, it has Taylor Swift in it.. So, double NOPE!! I mean that girl can't act! Have you seen her on CSI?? The trailer with her bit in it only proves it.. Taking on a Simon vibe: "You can't sing, you can't act... What do you want me to say?"


I agree with the kid. That movie looks really flakey and unrelatable. It seems like the writers made up the movie poster first and then went from there. Pretty gay.

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