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Mel Gibson is kind of a d!ck. You never know who he’s going to offend next, which poses problems for his publicist, who’s gotta be working OT these days.

The actor’s longtime rep, Alan Nierob, came up with an explanation only slightly more believable than this weatherman’s for Mel’s recent interview gaffe.

At the end of a TV interview yesterday, Mel became annoyed over a Chicago reporter’s questions and, as he signed off, blatantly called him an a$$hole.

Or so we think, says his rep. Nierob claims he was “pulling faces” during the interview and Gibson called him the asshole, not that bastard TV reporter.

Never mind that Mel was still looking at the camera and the interview ended just seconds earlier. Just your standard off-screen client-publicist banter!

Good job, publicist! Way to cover for me, a$$hole!

Not a bad job by Nierob. If only we all had a PR “cleaner” to come up with bogus explanations and fire them off to media outlets every time we screwed up.

Sometimes they even try to claim paternity of your illegitimate children while you’re running for President of the United States, too. Right, Andrew Young?