Alex Meraz Throws Down Shirtless Gauntlet to Taylor Lautner

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We know, we know: Taylor Lautner is neck and neck with Robert Pattinson in our poll asking which Twilight Saga star is more desirable.

So how could anyone, let alone some random actor named Alex Meraz, compete?!?

Because the 24-year old, who appears in New Moon as the werewolf Paul, is playing the six-pack card. Pattinson may have a lot going for him, but a chiseled physique is not among his to top attributes.

Taylor Lautner Poster

Compare the dueling New Moon hunks above and then answer a very simple question:

Who is hotter?


they both look good but i like taylor better!!!!!!!


Alex is hot too, but there is just more of Taylor to wrap your body around. He is some kinda built. God-he is HHHHOOOOTTTT!!


fabiola- Can we say Pedophile??????????????????????????????????????????????


Oh Sporie! you just don't what a 17 old kid's hormones are able to do. Yeah, with that body and that young male 's energy it would be better than rabbits doin it. That's why I love teens, they are like rabbits.


A date with Taylor would consist of grilled chicken, vegetables, a protein shake, and an early bedtime so he can hit the gym at 6 am next day. A date with Rob would consist of burgers, fries, alot of alcohol, and all night sweaty sex that wouldn't end until 6 am, then you get to sleep in until 2 pm next day. Give me hot Rob every time. Or just one time. Please Jesus.


they are both hot but i like taylor more still... TEAM EDWARD :D


they are both hot!
i cant vote haha. i wanna vote for both

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