Kara DioGuardi: Mum on Simon Cowell's Replacement

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As American Idol delves deeper into its ninth season, fans will start to concentrate on potential break-out artists and finalists such as Katelyn Epperly and Aaron Kelly.

For now, though, the upcoming departure of Simon Cowell is still a major topic. What does Kara DioGuardi think about her fellow judge saying goodbye?

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"He's a huge part of the show," she said at a Golden Globes party. "He's got one of the best personalities ever on a television show... He's made the show hugely successful, and he's going to be very missed."

Who might fill Cowell's seat? DioGuardi seemed stumped by that question, but doesn't believe Ryan Seacrest will pull double duty on future seasons.

"I don't see Ryan giving up what he's currently doing on Idol," she said. "What he's doing now works for him perfectly... I have no idea who will or who should replace Simon."

Do you, readers? Chime in now with your suggestions!




I bet u if theyde have picked a different,, relativly unknown person 2 be the 4th judge u wuld all hate that person just 4 being new!! I believe ppl really do like Kara,, they just hate the fact that shes not an original like,( Simon Paula and Randy).. Kara knows wut shes talkin about and gives great advice,, ur just a dumbass if u think shes untalented,, the judges shuld be Kara Ellen and Simon,, that wuld be the perfect combination!! U GO KARA WOOHOO!!!!!! :D :D


It's time for American Idol TO GO. Was enough.Please, something NEW and fresh !!!!


I will NOT watch American Idol without Simon. I hate KARA, she's soooo annoying !!!!!!!!Now she wants to be a bitch...I hate her.


Actually, I wish that the judges were Simon, Paula, and Kara. Randy is just... there. yo dawg this and yo dawg that he is the annoying one. He should've been the one leaving, no one would've noticed.


Eweeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Kara just needs to be put in the back behind the curtain. Randy and Ellen can do American Idol with guest judges. But sadly once Simon Cowell is gone Idol is going to loose the best part of it. :-( I for one will follow Simon to X factor. I mean this guy is so huge when the British want a song they say um...Simon could you make a record for us to give Haiti? And guess what...that's what Simon does.


Kara would like to THINK she's a female version of Simon, but all she IS is annoying to people. The greater percentage of fans don't like her and would like to see her gone. Watching her during Wednesday's show trying to churn out some pithy comments was about as irritating as it gets. Simon can get away with that stuff and still come off as charming and amusing. Kara just comes off as smart*ss and mean-spirited. Sometimes I want to just slap the biatch.


I believe the seat has already been filled, Kara will become the female version of Simon. Keep an eye on her and you'll notice it's already being set up.

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