Jennifer Aniston's Revenge: Five Years Later

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Earlier today, a pair of celebrity gossip tabloids ran "news" stories about Brangelina on the verge of splitting, with Angelina gearing up for life without Brad.

Jennifer Aniston knows all about that. She's endured it for the past five years. Now fun, flirty and 40, she's happier and hotter than ever! Suck it, Brad!

At least that's the implication (overt or otherwise) of this week's People. Life & Style also features Jennifer on its cover, showing off her "revenge body."

We have no idea what that means.

Five years ago, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt divorced. She is still gorgeous. This story pretty much carries celebrity magazines on slow news weeks even now!

Revenge or not, Jen's body is looking awfully good these days - despite accusations from some that she's put on weight - and she seems fairly happy as well.

Sexy flirting with Gerard Butler likely has something to do with that. We think they make a great couple and we wish everyone involved nothing but the best.

Still, the implication that Jen is somehow plotting against a tired, bony Jolie? Wow, guys. Even if her Golden Globes dress was kind of similar to Angelina's ...

Whose side are you on?


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