Aaron Kelly: The Next David Archuleta?

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Does American Idol have the next David Archuleta on its hands?

Granted, it's very early to make that comparison, but there are clear similarities between Aaron Kelly and the season seven finalist.

Kelly is one of several contestants rumored to have advanced to the top 24 this year. He's only 16, yet has a lot of confidence and has gone through some trials already in life: Aaron's aunt and uncle adopted him when he was a toddler because his parents were simply too por.

On Aaron's MySpace page, he's referred to himself as a “Legend in the Works."

Archuleta came across as more humble, of course, but both these artists got started at an early age.

Kelly landed an independent recording contract when he was 10 and won the “American Idol Experience” at DisneyWorld last year. This qualified him to audition for the judges this season and earn unanimous approval for Hollywood.

Critics are already comparing Aaron Kelly to Archuleta, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. All the hype is a bit premature.

But the following clip of Kelly singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" proves that he's a contestant worth remembering.


I like david archie, his voice is amazing....also i give my support to kelly


i think david arcjuleta and aaron are both great singers and nice boys they both try out for al when they were 16 i think aaron will be a big syar like david archuleta did there's on dout that aaron will be big as david becuase he will be


im a big fan of both david archuleta and aaron kelly i have a few things in commiom with both of there me and david are from utah and fave colors prpole and yellow were both shy and funny boys i look like his twin me and aaron are the same age 17 plus we look a like if you see me i look like a mix between david archuleta aaron kelly joe jonas and tylor lunter


david and aaron are freinds i do agere they both look alike and sound like


i think aaron will be a big globle mega star like david archuleta if you knowdist that both david archuleta and aaron kelly are shy there both nice boys they kind sound a like and look a like each other but david is from utah and aaron is from pryinnea


david archuleta told a insider that he thinks aaron has a nice voice and that aaron's his own preson and david is his own preson there's a pic of david and aaron at a party for idol finle they look like there freinds i heard roumrs that david was jeilous of aaron or that they call each other name's but these roumrs were wrong david said in athoer inrview that him and aaron are good freinds


aaron is so cute and sweet. i love him. he should have won american idol.


And i thought i was the only one who thought he could be the next david archuleta! they sing and look so alike!


is he gay?


...in addition to what i have said earlier...let's just not compare david and aaron because they have a lot of differences not including their early age entering hollywood...so let's leave this issue on that..ok?...support aaron on his journey in idol and also support david on his career...

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