Tiger Woods Text Messages: Flat-Out Ridiculous

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Even for a guy we knew cheated on Elin Nordegren with eight mistresses (and counting) Tiger Woods surprised us with the content of these text messages.

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    I don't think the topic itself is very tsncroveroial. Mania is a fact of life for many people. But many more people have no idea what it is, what it is like living with mania, or what the prognosis is for people who have it. I tried in this film to illuminate those things in an engaging way. The narrative has some surprises, and comes to some interesting conclusions.


    Stop hating..all of yall searched for his text messages..so apparently you are interested in Tiger Woods. He was tapping those asses..but was DUMB to put it in writig..You NEVER write it down Tiger. Take it to the Grave. But nobody tied those White Girls hands...they came of free will. They seemed to want that Money and that Big Black Cook !!!!


    Tiger is now more famous as a practitioner of peniscraft than he ever was as a golfer.

    He's just going to be viewed as a walking dick for the rest of his life.


    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that is good shit... makes me remember my single days hhaha




    good cunt tiger you cracked it


    They all need to leave Tiger alone! So what if he cheated. Who are you all to judge? It's a personal matter and all these women with no brains..they only want money..and also why did Tiger apologized in public. The only person he needs to apologize to his family and only his family. Not even to these women..because hello he wasnt alone..it takes two to tango. These women are nasty TARTS... Millions of other men are cheating and only because he's a celebrity they make a big deal out of it..yes cheating is wrong but come on Tiger is not the only one and besides...its really time that media in The States pays attention to the crisis in the country! And yeah i agree what Dee wrote.. who says that the text messages and emails are real..so come on!


    Tiger is rich and therefore has done what 99 per cent of all males with money will do. Wrong? Maybe. Getting caught is what's preventing most men from going down the same path.


    Tiger Woods, an American Hero and a statement of the true family values of America when you look under the skin of the cosmetic so-called Christian values.


    Tiger is a STRIAGHT PIMP.....why have one when you can have them all...with all the travelling he does what man would be faithfull....NONE it never happens and if your husband tels you other wise he is a liar!!!!!!A man not with hios wife even at a grocery store is lookin for what he does not have at home it is sad but true... we where not ment to be with just one person no other animal is so y would we be.

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