Tiger Woods Mistresses: Full List of Women & Pictures!

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Tiger Woods has been linked to so many women, it's hard to keep them all straight. To help you out, we put together a list (with pictures) of Tiger's mistresses!

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    Tiger's daddy should be rolling in his grave, his boy has become a total douchebag since daddy died. This cannot be emphasized enough - how utterly useless this man is.... i had to stop watching golf because I grew tired of his consistent fits, smashing clubs, cursing, whining like a spoiled little brat..... oh.... wait.... he never grew up. it would be offensive to high school teens, spineless organisms, and sphincters to compare them to Tiger, but the fact is - he is not a man, he's what we refer to as " A B I T C H N I G G E R " ask Kat, Dre, X, if you need more of an explanation than that. embarrassment


    BTW...his current girl lindsay is way more masculine than tiger....ahem


    tiger is an in the closet queer....all these women in his 'mistress lineup' look like drag queens ....he had himself a wife with extreme womanly everything...and gave it up for manly girls...hmm makes you wonder or who cares how queer you are tiger ...just come out;-P


    who gives a shit whos pussy he spanks


    infact tiger needs christ to change his life.dogs even behave like dat.

    @ fidelis asante

    how is an imaginary storybook character going to change his life?

    @ R. duc

    True dat. Half of America is still too uneducated to see that its just a fiction novel like Lord of the Rings. It's scary to think people die for fictional characters. It sucks for sure.


    Tiger is a pig.


    He had a wonderful a wife and kids. Great family, he ruined it. !!


    I think you miss a few on that list!!! He was obviously going for the full round of 18 holes!!!

    @ J.Hansen

    He was already hitting all 18 holes with the back 9. You know this had to be because his wife wouldn't let him in through the back door late at night.


    your missing another woman , when tiger was in philippines, hmmmmm


    I like Rosey Palm and her 5 sisters.

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