Tiger Woods: Really Falling For Rachel Uchitel!

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"I want you to lay next to me, on me, wherever you want to lay. F***! Why didn’t we find each other years ago. We wouldn’t be having this conversation.” - Tiger Woods

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    Why not forget this worthless whore monger and get on with the game of golf. Other black men broke the barier NOT this JERK !!!!!!!!


    I never watch golf till there was Tiger.........It is hard to belive that he did this.....two beautifull children. I am very disappointed.


    How sad that none of you realize what is really happening.

    Tiger Woods family wanted him to grow up and have children. Tiger Woods did what any dark colored man of African Origion would do in the USA.

    He married a Blond woman and diluted his Dark Colored Man African Origion DNA. His kids are almost white.

    Elin fell for the oldest trick in the book. She needs to accept that Tiger used her white DNA to Brownise his Black DNA. After using her white DNA, he immediately threw her away for a brown colored lady. OLDEST TRICK IN THE BOOK.


    This so called misstress must not be getting paid enough from her nightclub VIP job Who does that and for the rest of them they like the thought of tell all and get paid for it but
    Like Beyonce's Song if you want it then put a ring on it so that is what they are after becuz Elins Got it hahahah....


    This tramp should have been the one in the tower on 911. She was runnin around wantin sympathy after that for the loss of her fiance. This whore didn't feel sorry for herself too lon she wrecked a couple more lives and she says she aint a bad person.


    Awwww, isn't it sad when one narcissist falls for another? One thing a good narcissist cannot handle is when the other one can play the game as well or better. Creates obsession every time. *ka ching!


    Rachel you have some balls to want to sue The View for trying to ruin your reputation!!!! What reputation? You want an apology from them!!!! That is a joke! I cannot believe Gloria (your lawyer)! I use to think highly of her, but not anymore. She should make you apologize to Tiger's wife!!!! You are a whore!!!!! You are the one going around sleeping with married men!!!!!!!!!!! Are you going to sue me now like you want to sue The View? Go dig a hole and stick you head in you dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    His wife is WAY hotter than the lazy eye mistress...hands down! What a bunch of skanks.


    Why would tiger pay this ho bag rachel 1million dollars to keep her big lips shut when everyone already knows he was having sex with her and many others.


    This bitch is one hard ho. Cash only type. She'll skin this tiger alive.

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