SNL Tiger Woods Skit: Elin Gets Revenge

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The way Tiger Woods and his many affairs dominated the news last week, you knew Saturday Night Live would go there in some way, shape or form.

The pleasant surprise? It was actually pretty funny.

Appearing in press conferences on SNL's version of CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, Tiger tried to vaguely apologize for his "transgressions."

But he only dug himself a deeper and deeper hole.

With Kenan Thompson doing his best Tiger and beautiful Gossip Girl star Blake Lively a bit more convincing as the scorned Elin Woods, the SNL skit offered a new take on what went down between the golfer and his wife after his car accident ...


tiger woods like so many many rich dudes think they are invincable and will get a way with anything even while being married, well. life does not work out like that, sooner or later all your chickens will come home to roost...perhaps this is a lesson for all these men who cant keep there eyes and hands off these skanky hoes, if you think you cant handle marriage, dont do it!

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