Rumored Hookup: Lindsay Lohan and Jason Segel

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Lindsay Lohan's rumored one-night stands are harder to keep track of than Tiger Woods' mistresses. It seems there's one or more new ones every day.

At least Lohan isn't married with two little kids at home, and unlike Woods, we sort of expect it from the alleged actress. Lindsay just has to be Lindsay.

Last week, Cash Warren reportedly learned that lesson.

Now, How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel is LiLo's latest rumored fling after he was seen leaving his Hollywood Hills home yesterday. Minutes later ...

Lindsay Lohan proceeded to do the walk of shame.

J. Segel

Run, Jason. Run. [Photos:]

According to celebrity gossip photographers, she was there all night, but got on Twitter ASAP to say she was at Jason's house for "business" not pleasure.

It was ridiculous of us to assume otherwise from this chaste young starlet who always puts her career first and who never, ever gets around. Bad us.

Lohan Twittered:

"haha*now..a meeting at a coworkers home has turned into a new love interest! It's absurd! @least I'm laughing @the rediculous manifestations"

Also REdiculous? That Lindsay Lohan knows the word manifestations. Guess all those benders haven't killed all of her brain cells. Not yet, anyway.

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