Gimme Five: Mindy Lawton Claims Affair with Tiger Woods While Elin Nordegren Was Pregnant

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"He wanted to spank me and pull my hair as we had sex. He liked me to talk dirty, but the hair-pulling really turned him on." - Mindy Lawton on Tiger Woods

It's hard to believe this is what Tiger Woods news has come to. Just two weeks ago, he had the cleanest image of anyone. Now he has five rumored mistresses.

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Sure, you can doubt the credibility of Mindy Lawton, the fifth woman tied to Tiger Woods, and who boasts about it in the UK's News of the World this morning.

But do you? At least three of his first four mistresses have been semi-confirmed, and his reputation is so shot by this point, he gets no benefit of the doubt.

According to waitress Lawton, Tiger had an affair with her while his model wife Elin Nordegren was pregnant.

Oh, and the world's #1 golfer liked playing in the rough!

"Sometimes I looked like a rag doll after we'd made love," she reflected on Tiger Woods' prolific performance in the sack. "He really did like it quite rough."

Sadly, Mindy Lawton soon learned Tiger only wanted one thing from her.

"I realize now all he wanted me for was sex. The only time he would call was when he wanted it," she said. "Tiger just used me as a sex toy. I thought I meant something to him, but all he cared about was lust. He is a selfish, heartless man."

"All Tiger cared about was getting me into bed. He had an urge and I satisfied it. There was very little if any emotion from his side although I fell for him."

In her tell-all interview, Mindy described how Tiger Woods:

  • Demanded instant, urgent sex when they met up.
  • Nailed her all over his mansion and even in a parking lot.
  • Sent explicit text messages prior to their sex sessions.
  • Urged her to wear sexy red lingerie (his favorite)!
  • Took Elin Nordegren to the restaurant where Mindy works.

Tiger and Elin are renegotiating a prenup and going through marriage counseling after a series of affairs came to light after his mysterious car crash last week.

Rachel Uchitel was the first woman to be linked to Tiger Woods, followed by the likes of Jaimee Grubbs, Kalika Moquin and just yesterday, Jamie Jungers.

Cori Rist is also rumored to have had an affair with him.


I miss Tiger. He's an asshole for sure, but his cock was delicious and his cum was heavenly.


I got agree with Sara here, Elin needs to go to a OB GYN asap and get checked for STD's. Tiger has been on the prowl for quite some time and has been tapping hot skanks, ugly skanks, skinny skanks, and fat skanks. Heck Tiger will tap just about anything as long as it's white. In conclusion, Elin might had freaked that night w/ the golf club because her doc may have broken the news to her: "Elin I'm sorry to have to say this, but the test is positive and you have herpes!"


Does Mindy ever mention that she fellated Tiger and swallowed his cum load? Hard for me to believe it was only intercourse... also, did she allow Tiger to do her anally?


I never believe that Tiger would do this! Now I think he is a cheater. Elin is so pathetic and so is his children. Why would Tiger fall for this kind of ugly person, I think he need to see the optician. If he wants sex, he can go look for better sexier girls.


One thing...this story almost broke back in early 2007 when Mindy was still seeing him because the National Enquirer found out about the two of them. Reporters would follow them when they would meet and they even went to Mindy's work and even went as far as contacting people they found out she was associated with to try and get some info. Does it seem unlikely? I guess it would to some but look people, listen to all of their stories. He has the same M.O for every damn one of them and now he has also flat out admitted in his own words to his infedility.


Fat, ugly, and old! 33 years old? Not!


Ok these comments here are retarded... The fact is that these hoes wanna act all surprised when Tiger in the end treats them like the whores they are. WTF do you expect from a married man?! Dont hate the player, hate the game! Probably half the stupid women he slept with are just as stupid as he is. I wonder how much she got paid to spread their sexual bizness out there like that. it was all good til he got caught out there! Look Tiger, whats done in the dark will come to the light. And us as americans hold these damn celebrities to such a high standard. The man is human just like us!!!! so get off his nuts and lets focus on our own men and not someone elses!!!!!!


Divorce his ass and take him for all he's worth. He can have these hos and act like a dog all he wants. No woman should put up with this. This dog is a no good fool.


I would chase around Tiger with some golf clubs and tear up his Cadillac, too, if he were my husband!... THAT'S FOR STARTERS!! ;) She did NOT deserve this. This is an INSULT to all families, all his fans, the game of golf, and especially an insult to WOMEN everywhere.... Apparently, Tiger is as kinky and weird in bed as he is freaky talented on the golf course?? Either that, or he's a full-on sociopath.


How about the fact that one of the major editors of the magazine company that the Enquirer is linked to RETIRED because of the fact that they HID THE STORY ABOUT MINDY AND TIGER!! That my friends is a fact! Check on it! They had VIDEO IMAGES of the two of them together!! For all of you who continue to rack on the fact that this girl (who happens to be FAMILY!!) is less attractive than someone else (YOUR OPINION!!!) you are all no better! She was a single young woman who was oogled at by TIGER WOODS!!! What would YOU do, ASSHOLES!

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