Report: Tiger Woods to Check Into Rehab For Sex, Prescription Drug Addiction After Holidays

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After the holidays, Tiger Woods will check himself into rehab to seek treatment for addiction and prescription drug use, according to The National Enquirer.

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    Google translated "Om teoefllklys faschination ff6r cykelve4skor" from the Swedish coverage of the talk to "If the wool people faschination for bike bag..."Who are these fabled wool people?


    Tiger has been having affairs for how many years? So his problem with affairs he is saying is contributed from his sleeping and pains pills. Therefore one assumes he has been using these "DRUGS" while playing on tour. Wow, that is really sad. I say every tournment he is in drug test him. Maybe this is a drug robot that has been winning for years-by drugs-taking the fame away from others.


    gee tiger 18 majors and only 14 ho's your 4 behind!


    tig needs to get some stones point out that his kids will be raised by a excellant mom and with all the support at his disposal. that he needs to be the man he is that in retrospect maybe he should have remained single instead of pulling in his horns. this world needs standups not more whimps!


    Tiger is only being a young boy! GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


    He's young very young and filthy rich, the women know men are weak! Tiger is only doing what comes naturally! Rooooooooooooooooar! Jersey City New Jersey!


    Tiger Woods is a cheater just like his father was. Once a cheater always a cheater. Rachel is just fresh meat to feed on and once Tiger is done with her he will cheat again with someone else,its not about love,its about the hunt.Elin will be fine and shes prettier than the others and she has one thing they dont,a good heart.Take the money and the kids and run Elin run into the arms of love waiting for you with another.l


    Yes! she should leave him but only after getting the financial support but at least she knows rather than having the funds transferred where she would not be eligible to get.

    Rachel's past life records describes her conduct quite well!
    And, her practices with men!

    Tiger should run, run, run, and keep running away from Rachel and so should all men!

    Her mother's record as well as her justifies why men should run!

    Keep running!


    Hey Tiger, serious about messing with an angry lady. Remember John Wayne Bobbitt? *snip* *snip* *snip*


    RL...not really sure what your perceptions of Scotland are but one of Scotland's biggest touristic selling point is their golf courses and love of the damn thing. They have people coming from all over the world to play in St Andrews including Kevin Costner who spent part of his honeymoon playing golf there. Also, don't you know Donald Trump has been breaking his back trying to build the biggest golf course and hotel in Scotland in Aberdeen over the beautiful Balmedie Beach? but since locals wont part with the land he so desperately needs, he can't do it. Point being,'re wrong.

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