Elin Nordegren Won't Leave Tiger Woods ... Yet

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Despite reports that a divorce is "100 percent on," Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, is conflicted over what to do with her marriage, according to sources.

For days, TMZ has been saying that contrary to news stories suggesting a split is as good as done, Elin Woods is not going to file for divorce immediately.

Elin and Charlie Woods

Once again, they've been proven correct.

This isn't to say Tiger's marriage has been saved. Far from it. But he won't throw in the towel, and Elin (somehow) is said to be squarely on the fence.

The two have been undergoing "intense" marriage counseling, which we imagine involves Tiger getting screamed at and apologizing a lot. Just a hunch.

Will Elin Woods kiss her marriage to Tiger goodbye?

Inside sources say that Elin might forgive her straying spouse, despite the fact that he blatantly cheated, if it weren't for these ("alleged") factors:

  • Tiger had a three-year relationship with a mistress (Theresa Rogers)
  • He reportedly said he was falling for another (Rachel Uchitel)
  • He had an affair while Elin Woods was pregnant (who knows)

Elin Woods confided in friends that she could have forgiven Tiger had it been only one woman. But the enormous number of mistresses, along with a long-term relationship and the pregnancy fling, has Elin doubting if she can trust him.


Just the same, Elin hasn't left him yet. Maybe she wants to give him a chance ... or see the extent of the damange. What do you think she should do?


*Elin, don't make the mistake I made with my chronic cheater...I know you want it to work and him to change....but cheaters-do NOT change. Get out now while you are still young and save yourself a LOT of heartache ....believe me...as soon as this all dies down and you have kissed and made up....he will begin cheating again....and I promise you...he will resume some old 'flames' and continue to rack up new ones. Betrayal....the worst of the worst.


jerry, i assume you are monogamous, since like birth? and why is multiple sex partners only gross if you are married? by the way, elin is also a bingo model in sweden. check out bingomodels.com. elin is on page 2. maybe that will shed some light for you about her stupidity.


She def does deserve him-what an idiot she is! Does she have no respect for herself at all? How could she even bed him ever again? That is so gross! She should not even bother to say "check into rehab or else I will leave you." What a stupid woman Elin turned out to be!


If Elin stays married to him, she deserves him.

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