Chris Brown Sings About a "Famous Girl"

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In a new song from his upcoming album Graffiti, Chris Brown bares his soul as he declares his love for a "Famous Girl" whose love for him wasn't what it seemed.

Wonder who he could be talking about. We have no idea.

Some Rihanna references are more subtle and introspective, others more overt. He references rumored RiRi rebound Drake "saying you’re the best he ever had."

Tell us how you really feel, Chris! He's gonna "come clean" next week on ABC, supposedly, about Rihanna, but he's already expressing a lot via his music.

Take a listen below and tell us what you think of it ...

What do you think of Chris Brown's "Famous Girl"?


luv da song^^^^ F HATERS


How pathetic can one get really, if she hd beat the shit out of him u probably wuldnt be holdin the same speech so, get a life wat happened between them has nuthin to do wit you....


as a woman who was married to an abusive booze-hound i have to say chris you suck! and untill you take responcability for what you did by going to jail not comunity service please thats a joke i have no respect for you as a man.real men don't hit woman only cowards do.


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