Chris Brown to "Come Clean" About Rihanna on ABC

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As we reported on Thanksgiving, ABC has come under fire for lining up a sit-down with Chris Brown right after nixing an appearance by Adam Lambert.

Likely to diffuse any talk of a double standard, ABC announced that Brown will not perform on the network, and that the interview will be hard-hitting.

Seeing Sparks

The beleaguered R&B star will supposedly "come clean" about Rihanna.

After dodging questions about the infamous beat-down in interviews with everyone from Larry King to Wendy Williams, the "Crawl" singer is set to divulge details of the incident in an interview with Robin Roberts on 20/20 December 11.  

It's being billed as his "chance to respond" to Rihanna's interviews ...

Does Chris Brown deserve a forum to talk about Rihanna?

The 20-year-old, whose new album Graffiti debuts December 8, will only answer questions in the pre-taped interview and will not promote the album.

Chris Brown's TV interrogation comes just a month after Rihanna's revealing 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer, which aired on the November 5.

Rihanna talked about the assault in graphic detail, admitting that she was "embarrassed" that she still had feelings for Brown after the incident.

Brown said he respected her right to talk about the incident but wished she had kept it quiet. Will he finally tell his unedited version of events?

In any case, Brown has been laying relatively low, performing community labor as a part of his assault sentence, and focusing on his music.


and omg. how dair you say kill yah sel to im, a feel sick. yah proper toss pots . get over it mate ;) he has dont nout rang i love you christopher brown . :)


ergh. who ever keeps callin the breezy a woman beater. shut yer lips cuz he isnt. he is a nice man and rhianna deserved it :) so shut it ;) how dair yah's call chris brown. i love that man. omg. oooooffftt. he is a womanizer . hehe :). dont bother replying anyone. cuz i found this when i was bored. so i ant gunna cum bak on. lmfao. chris brown omg, like how nice tho? like seriously i love him ! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D ok i think i shud stop talkin now am givin me sel a hedache ;) right love yah breezy !


I always find it funny how the world turns on a man who hits a woman but never a woman who hits a man.. Then women bitch and moan about how they want to be equal.. You people keep spitting shit like omfg womanizer, woman-beater, and no matter what you do women will continue and always be viewed as lesser and weaker.. Seriously stfu and mind your own damn business.. The guy sure didn't just hit her cause hebis crazy.. There's a reason and a story.. You don't even know the full thing and yet you're so quick to judge.. I'm sure every man out there can confess that a woman has pissed him off before.. And some people have a shorter "tank" than others! Don't antagonize a man who has a bad temper/short tank/or a man who is stressed out and you won't get fucking beat! He wasn't drunk so don't put him in the same group as alcoholic losers who beat.


You people are vicious,,,,,Go Chris Brown!!!!!ROTF and LMAO,,,,His album is the bomb and it won't be given away for 99 cents..hee hee


kim , don't worry, God got Chris back he will survive , God going to show you haters something.


wow yall r sad....move on he hit rihanna and it was horrible but he is only human there is so much domestic violence goin on its just that his was in the public eye so ignorant fool can judge him and critize like they are perfect....a sin is a sin doesnt matter how small or big it is its still a sin in Gods eyes...god has forgiven him nd rihanna so i dnt knw y yall wont move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u chris


I think people need to calm the fuck down. What happened is none of your buisnees so there is no need to get angry. You don't know either of them and I wish everyone would just get over it. People have done way worse things ah like say murder alot. It was also stupid how everyone got angry at chris when he apologised, I bet if you hurt someone you don't say sorry immediantly afterwards were only human. I think it's horrible and evil what he did to her but he's trying to make up for it and there are many other people in the world who do evil things and get away with it and never have to pay.


Have we no mercy? If it was your father or brother, you would want the readers to have understanding. The Bible said, "Lord how many times must I forgive my brother" Because he is not yours, you are unwilling to forgive But I can, from the heart! lastly, only Love can overcome hate! think about it.





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