Taylor Swift on The Vampire Diaries: Good Idea or Great Idea?

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After conquering the country music world last night, Taylor Swift said she was seeking a new challenge.

Kevin Williamson, a producer on The Vampire Diaries, has one for the singing senstion: come aboard my show!!!

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"I'm desperate to have [Swift] come play a vampire," Williamson told E! News. "Wouldn't she make an amazing Kirsten Dunst circa Interview With the Vampire type? I cannot tell you how hard I'm trying to get her - I would kill to have her on the show!"

Swift is dating Taylor Lautner, who stars in his own vampire-based franchise. This casting almost makes too much sense, doesn't it?

You tell us: should Taylor Swift guest star on The Vampire Diaries?




im srry but i dont think tatlor should be on the show. i mean shes to nice and she wouldnt fit in tht much. just y opinion. Write back


happy birthday taylor
i'm ur bg fans from indonesia


A genuine artist, if doing something other than their real business, must go in believing in and respecting their real deal artistry. Sure, Taylor should do whatever she pleases, but I hope she doesn't forget music. Rappers are the best at doing everything for money, not for the sake of REAL art.


Vampire Diaries is such a great show , and it's a lot different from the books, kind of. But Taylor Swift on it ? I'm kind of iffy.


It's my be more like:Taylor Swift on The Vampire Diaries: bad Idea or even worse Idea?


FREEDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE A DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VAMPIRE DIARIES IS A LOVELY SHOW!!!! GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!! Please tell me: how is Vampire Diaries any more ridiculous than Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, 90210, etc etc. And Taylor Swift is pretty decent. So you're putting Heidi Montag above her? We've got a modern day Helen Keller on our hands. Aside from of course, the brilliance.

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