Taylor Swift Cleans Up at the Country Music Awards

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Dear Taylor Swift: It's okay to let other celebrities enjoy a bit of success. Sheesh!

The 19-year old singer is on top of the entertainment world these days. She recently received rave reviews for hosting Saturday Night Live; she's dating Taylor Lautner; and she picked up four Country Music Awards last night.

Including Entertainer of the Year!

"I will never forget this moment because, in this moment, everthing I have ever wanted has just happened to me," said Swift after accepting her final trophy, adding a joke at Kanye West's expense:

"I want to thank every single person in this room tonight for not running onstage during this speech."

The Entertainer of the Year

After the event, Swift - who became the youngest Entertainer of the Year in history - said:

"I never imagined that the unattainable thing that I dreamed about could happen to me at 19. It's a lot to absorb. So now the next challenge is to find the next challenge."

Sounds like a challenge! What do you think Taylor should do next? Act? Write poetry? Retire?

Swift on Stage

She accepts awards, she cracks jokes, she performs. Is there anything Taylor Swift can't do?


she should tour the uk again ;)


Hi Taylor!Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday dear Taylor,Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!Hope you have a Fantastic Birthday and may all your dreams come true:):):):):):):):)GOD BLESS YOU:):):):):)


Congrats .


i love taylor she can sing but not that well. but she rocks and is good hearted


I think the competition is confused.


Ilove Taylor swift she is the best


OMG, Thank you Jada!!!! I seriously thought I was the only one who cannot stand this girl and her "music". Ugh, instead of referring to the KanYe incident, she should be thanking him. Because that drama gaver her more publicity than her "talent" could have ever given her. She is not talented, she cannot sing, she's.....cute, but not pretty. KanYe spoke the truth at the VMA's, sure he was a dick about it, but it was the truth. Beyonce' has more talent in her big toe than Taylor has all together. The only reason that Kanye's outburst makes me mad, is because it gave this mediocre singer more attention than she deserves. Popular Culture needs to die. Seriously. ♥. Nothing but minions and followers in the world.


She should retire. Or model. Or something. Just give our ears a rest. Girl can't sing as well as she thinks she does, and not half as well as her fans give her credit for.


Country Music Awards? I thought country music was supposed to be sad songs written by actual sad people? Not this overly sappy dumpage that they call country music these days.


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