Brittany Murphy Fired, Simon Monjack Hospitalized

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According to reports, Brittany Murphy was fired from an upcoming film that was shooting in Puerto Rico for being difficult on set and a detriment to production.

We're not sure which film, but Murphy's IMDB profile indicates that this film may have been The Caller, which also stars True Blood cast member Stephen Moyer.

It took about 15 seconds for Brittany to be replaced, too. Twilight and New Moon star Rachelle Lefevre reportedly hopped on a plane as soon as Murphy was out.

A source also says that Brittany was so pissed about getting booted from the film that she didn't want to leave Puerto Rico and had "plans to sabotage the film."

That would qualify her as a Grade A nut job.

Not a good weekend for Brittany Murphy. Or Simon Monjack.

The really interesting part of Brittany's movie set ouster was that the weird British con-artist she married in 2007, Simon Monjack, got into a fight with some locals.

Could there be a connection between the whole Puerto Rico incident and Monjack arriving at LAX airport "incoherent" and having to be hospitalized Saturday?

Murphy thought that Simon Monjack was having an asthma attack, but medical personnel boarding the plane evidently felt it might be even more serious.

Con-jack was released from the hospital last night and even picked up some burgers before heading home, but it makes you wonder ... burgers? Really Simon?!


Internet people generally know everything and are everything, doctors, lawyers, astronaughts and the greatest detectives to have ever lived. Have degrees in everything and all have an IQ of about 500 points. Most of the comments on Brittany and Simon show it.


Dr. Rehab Says: December 20th, 2009 4:54 PM John, Heroin causes respiratory depression, not cardiac. Either it was the combo of drugs with her anorexia a stimulant, or poorly cut heroin - but no, a heroin OD by itself would not cause cardiac failure.
__________________________________________________________________ Dr. Rehab are you stupid? ANYTHING that causes respiratory depression can cause cardiac arrest, you idiot. There are 2 reasons someone has cardiac arrest...One: Oxygen defeciency or Two: Electrical problems. Man, read a book. If you stop breathing your heart isn't get nutrients or oxygen. So, it stops. Geez...DUH.


Definitely fishy!! Too thin, too happy, getting to be too old for the Hollyweird game. Just a tad desperate?....also married to a guy that not only LOOKS suss, IS suss.....AND needing her mother with her all the time?...A tad co-dependant, no? - Definitely fishy!! O.D.....for sure. (JMO)


I really wish that people would educate themselves BEFORE they communicate with their assumptions. Judgemental, uneducated, rude Americans. Get a grip on yourself and reality. Wait for the facts before you react and throw blame.
Really? How well do you know any of these people? Have you ever even met them? I HIGHLY doubt it. Please focus on reality and purity in your own lives and drop the gossip. That's a start to making the world a better place.


cztheday - don't worry. He wasn't even mentioned in her will. Her mom gets her entire estate, including the house they keep wronging referring to has his. She owned it before they ever met.


By the time an actress is 30 , her career is pretty much over in Hollywood. Typically, the solution to squeeze out a couple more years of work, is plastic surgery, go blonde and get very thin. Easiest and most popular way to get very thin? Cocaine. She was just a victim of the Hollywood machine.


First thing LAPD should do is freeze the assets, order Monjack to stay put. Did anyone else notice her fake British Accent attempts on Craig Ferguson about a year ago? This story reeks of codependent pill popping gone wrong. Of course the People of California will never prosecute him for anything more than criminal negligence. Big Pharma is too big for the courts, so they'll go after the doctors of course. It is sad. She really was a fascinating spirit. FOR EVERYONE who reads this: Stay away from pills. And beware of people who praise you like they should. Inevitably, they want something from you. I know from personal experience.


Does anyone else besides myself feel that her husband may have had something to do with her death at all? Somethings very very fishy about this whole thing and it is a bit scarry to me. I mean c'mon..she just dies out of the blue like this?? we all know her husband is a sleaze this another Anna nicole and Howard thing? OMG this is so so bad!


If it was my wife, sister or child, I wouldn't be trolling these comment sections, that's for sure!


I also found the comments very fucked-up indeed. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!

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