This Is It Fashion Face-Off: Ian Ziering vs. Larry Birkhead

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Last night's Hollywood premiere of This Is It, the much-touted documentary of Michael Jackson's final rehearsals, attracted celebrities from A-to-D-list.

Ian Ziering was also able to make it.

Who knew he was still alive? Considering he was like 35 when he starred on the first 90210, he must be like 50 now. And looks great! Note: Ian is 45.

Also on hand was Larry Birkhead. We can't remember the last time we saw him outside of a courtroom or OK! photo shoot he most likely got paid for!

Which of these two studs looked better at the premiere last night? Just vote in our survey below and decide who wins our latest style showdown ...

Ian Ziering Pic
Larry in Action

[Photos: Splash News Online, Fame Pictures]

Who looked better, Ian Ziering or Larry Birkhead?


i dont care :)


I would like to hear what Larry has to say,about what has happen now that the two Drs. and Howard k. Stern,is being tried for being the cause of Anna's death????The court knows that Larry is getting rich off of Dannielyn,that is why they talked to him the way they did,when he was in court last week.He gets paid every time he is seen.


Birkhead impregnated a drug addicted, middle aged Anna Nicole for fame and money. He is a scumbag and object of ridicule in Hollywood. He should go away!


Larry Birkhead is a homosexual failed actor turned paparazzo who had several plastic operations: nose, cheeks. He was Anna Nicole's sperm donor with contract. He broke the contract with Anna because he became greedy. He blacmailed Anna Nicole with dirty videos and pictures. Birkhead lives in Hollywood with his new boyfriend, Hollywood reporter.


"We can't remember the last time we saw him outside of a courtroom or OK! photo shoot he most likely got paid for!" LOL Exactly!


Larry looks like he is wearing Dannielynn's vest she out grew.


Memo to Ian and other men who wear suit jackets without a tie: Don't. You look stupid.
Larry looks like a homeless person who woke up just in time to shamble over to the red carpet. I didn't know "slob" was a "style".

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