This Is It Review: Like Seeing Michael Jackson Again For the First Time

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This Is It, the documentary created from footage of Michael Jackson's last rehearsals for what supposed to be a final 50-show run in London this summer, is not a Thriller by any means. But if you're a fan, you'll still love it.

The film, which premiered last night, felt like a trip down memory lane, a riveting live concert, and a behind-the-scenes documentary all rolled into one.

Whatever his private struggles and addictions may have done to him, they aren't evident here as Michael Jackson is vivid, smooth and polished at 50.

When Sony paid $60 million for the rights to 100 hours of rehearsal footage to pare down to two, we still wondered if that could make a decent film.

It did.

When you're working with an unparalleled music icon, that's a plus. A quarter-century later, we see Michael singing "Bad," "Billie Jean," "Wanna Be Starting Something" and other hits, moving just as fluidly as in his heyday.

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The music conjures back memories and breaks one's heart. The elaborate sets, 3-D graphics and dancers are also a sight to behold on the big screen.

It is perhaps the portrait of Michael Jackson himself that really makes This Is It worth seeing, however. A perfectionist with a sense of humor, deeply troubled but deeply caring, he was a man who his fans know was not easily put in a box.

The best, and most undeniable thing you can say about Jackson was that he was an artiste. This is obviously the best possible spin on his final days, but nevertheless an honest one. For two hours, it's all about Michael the musician.

No Dr. Conrad Murray, no paternity tests, no drugs, no legal problems.

It's a beautiful thing.

If nothing else, it's a great chance to pay tribute and gaze in amazement one last time at a singer, dancer, icon and entertainer who influenced so many.

This Is It is running only two weeks, though that may be extended depending on how it's received - in 99 countries as of today and 110 by this weekend.

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Perfectly written Catalena!
Hellion go drop dead somewhere where nobody finds you, I don't think anyone will miss you.


Hellion, you aint worth my time.


Mj is and always will be a hero!!!


well Hellion seems to have witnessed all of mj's selfish cravings for him to be a perfect judge on the subject matter, if michael is guilty then he would have to answer God for it, but if he is not, then Hellion will have to answer God for his measure of judgment.


i think mike was a great person and a great entertainer. there will not be another like him. get off his back and stop bashlashing his character. excuse me but you didn't have any idea what it is like to live up to an image that people create for you. the man was under much scutiny. he couldn't be a regular person and walk down the street, go to the mall, go to a resturant, and just walk his kids down the street. we as fans help create the so called wacko jacko image. imagine what it is like to never know if people like you for you or just want to use u. let him rest in peace.


Estimating from many of your comments, a talented, myriad of record breaking awards, Michael Jackson garnered almost as many hater’s as, fans! Say what you wish, but being raised under the spotlight most of his life, Michael Jackson had to deal with more than most people. Yet, Michael endured while he lived. Lets, just hope 'you haters,' accomplish half as much with your lives as Michael Jackson did with his. RIP - Michael Jackson


You are a disgrace Hellion. How dare you. I am all for free speech, but you are pushing it. I wish people like you would actually use their brain, and gather the facts before opening your filthy mouth and post senseless rubbish like this one . But in your case, you don't have any brain, nor you are capable to see the situation realistically. Why were all the cases dropped, there is no freaking prove and unless you were there when he "supposedly" molested those children, you have no right to say anything. Michael was truly a beautiful person inside out...Your ignorance is truly disgusting. R.I.P. Michael


Wow, arent you ignorant Hellion :)
If its about the molesting charges cases, he was innocent and then think of this yea. Whats the first thing you'd do If someone touched your child, Beat the hell out off the guy or nicely ask for a ''settlement'' of 21 million dollars and then its all good..hmmm
Money doesnot repair emotional damage FYI and if u hate him so much.. Please dont bother Commenting here .. This a man who passed away, have some resepect for the dead and remember all the good music he introduced into this World, yea ? :)


It may help to keep in mind that accomplished professionals in every field and other upstanding people of good moral character who actually knew Michael Jackson have vouched for his character. Even though MJ wasn't perfect or without flaw anymore than anyone else, I'll go with their assessment before I will with tabloid print and tv reporters and those who comment negatively based on lying reports. Michael Jackson touched people's hearts and lives all over the world and grown men have cried over his death.


Love you Holly and Catalina!! Michael Jackson was the king of pop and This is It is proof!! The sad thing is how can you sit in your seat when this is being shown, the theatre needs a place so you can dance at your own risk!..I got up and danced to Beat It!! I cried for "I'll Be There"..Michael let down the crew who was traveling and gonna bring in some dough..but still, I think it was the greatest of pleasure to work with someone as talented as Michael..Wow, I was picked to dance with M.J.!!, they'll say.


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