Taylor Swift to Host Saturday Night Live

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Note to Saturday Night Live security: keep your eyes out for Kanye West on November 7.

The rapper will likely be barred from the premises on that date, as Taylor Swift hosts an episode of the iconic program.

The lovely young singer performed on the show in January, but this will be her first time hosting. It's an opportunity she describes as "mind-blowing," adding:

"I love being around people who I feel have a different kind of creative genius. And the funny genius is definitely a fascinating one to be around."

Pretty Singer

Swift says she's "been thinking about skit ideas for a long time," though it's safe to assume the show will come up with something to mock her humiliation at the hands of West last month.

"There are definitely some hilarious things that have happened to me over the past couple of months that I think will be pretty substantial skits," Swift said, clearly acknowledging the VMA mishap.

Swift will also perform on Dancing with the Stars on October 27. Will tune in to watch her on Saturday Night Live?


And she was funny in a cute sort of way, if that makes any sense


....go taylor swift... your the best ever..!!!! i love your songss...


WOOHOO go T-Sweezy!! You're the best!!!


i think it was kinda a blessing what kayne had done to her at the awards.. get all publicity u can - unlike any other celeb making storeis up about them selves


Go Taylor!! good work on getting all these gigs


(taylor wears a lot of bracelets)


i bet kanye west is crying into pictures of himself right now. dude pretty much murdered his career for the next few months maybe even a year


i love her she's one of the best stars out there


woohoo go taylor =]


Go Taylor. Make that money. While Kanye can't get a gig, Taylor is lining them up. I want to see her as a judge on American Idol or MTV should give her a gig also. RIP KANYE WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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