Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: The Secret (Made Up) Meeting!

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In the past month or so, we've been told that Brad Pitt:

  1. Is sleeping on the couch
  2. Has been thrown out of the house
  3. Is in a fake relationship with Angelina Jolie

All of which are probably 100 percent true, right?

Of course. So it only makes sense that Brad is now said to have held a - dun-dun-dun! - secret meeting with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston during a trip to NYC.

According to the Daily Mail (UK), the pair, who ended a five-year marriage in 2005, met up at a hotel for an hour, and Brad "unloaded emotional baggage."

Brad Pitt told Jen, who still bursts into tears yearning for him, all about his problems with Angelina Jolie, with whom he hooked up after walking out on her.

It comes amid reports that Brad and Jennifer are in regular phone contact and their latest encounter marks their second private meeting this year!

Lonely Jennifer Aniston

Don't bet the farm on Brad and Jen getting back together, though.

A source added: "She was quick to tell him she wanted no part in his break-up with Angelina," and that she was reluctant to meet with Brad Pitt at all.

Still, the magazine alleges Brad got his mother Jane - who is famously still close to Jen - to persuade her to meet with him and give him some advice.

It comes amid claims that his four-year relationship with Angelina - with whom he has six children - has hit the rocks. Or is over. Who the heck knows.

Aniston was apparently brutally honest with Brad, which took place the Friday before last, telling him he was being selfish and had to figure things out.

Later that day, Brad flew back home to France with son Maddox. Now how about that? Jen may be destined to die alone, but she gives good advice!

This concludes this week's false Brad-Jen gossip. Some recent highlights (our personal favorite being that someone got Jennifer Aniston pregnant):

Hilarious Jen and Brad Cover
In Touch Cover

This reminds me of the fiasco between Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher & E. Taylor. Always liked Brad Pitt but how could he leave Jenn who is classy & sweet for a H--- Angelina. She should change her name to Devilina because she is no angel. She doesn't have any morals and certainly doesn't have any class. She admitted having sex in the car with Billy Bob Thornton on the way to the Academy Awards. Couldn't she keep that under wraps. Her own father said she needs help, its a shame she keeps having children so they can be screwed up with her values.


honestly jen is way too good for their secret meeting she probly gave him his necklace back and she most likely told brad to go home to his wife and kids.jen is an amazing beautifull woman who deserves better. i hope angelina and brad do break up and brad becomes a lonley man who will never find true love again♥ I LOVE JEN ANISTON♥


"To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive.......I could not, could not look at myself in the morning if I did that."
-Angelina Jolie in some old interview from her early days. Hypocrite.


angelina is so fake, she is a bitch, how could she live with herself knowing she stole someone else's husband!
she did hurt jenn real badly, saying they fall in love on the set of mr and mrs smith. she thinks she is smart.. but thats not a smart move angy! hope they break!


I do not want to see Brad back with Jen, he does not deserve her! but I would love to see him and Angie get what they both deserve, and thats alone and lonely, just like they left Jen!!!!


If it is such old news why are you reading it and blogging? I cant stand fake people!! You know you are interested, and want to know just like everyone else!! And the guy that states "so shit Blates"!!! read something else, no one is forcing you to be here reading. Face it, you are just like everyone you just ridiculed, you want to hear more!!!


Does Brad think that he is just so hot that he can have who ever he wants? His beard grosses me out!! and I have dated men that look better than him, my fiance is told all the time he looks like Patrick Swayze, Now there was a wonderful man and husband, what a loss!! And much better looking than Brad by far!!! Brad grow your long hair back, you look geeky with short hair.


Brad does not deserve to have jennifer back!! And Angelina deserves everything she gets, she can dish it out and ruin someone elses life, well what comes around goes around. But Jen has been a class act all through the whole ordeal, and she deserves someone who will be faithfull and love her no matter what pretty face walks by.


usually when a woman loses the best thing she ever thought she had, and goes through all the crap, it doesnt seem the same if he DOES come back.i say he should stay with fish face, because in the end, jen wont want you either,


Just go back to Jen...!

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