Jennifer Aniston: Pregnant! (In Her Dreams, According to OK!)

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Just when you think OK! Magazine can't lower the bar any further, the fabled celebrity gossip supermarket tabloid establishes a new standard of hilarity.

According to this fine publication, Jennifer Aniston is pregnant! What great news!

Suri With Katie

Too bad there's not a single fact that would remotely suggest this, nor is she even in a relationship. Besides, everyone knows she's going to die alone.

According to OK!, Jen has never hidden that her biological clock is ticking since she turned 40 in February. Understandable, as that's pretty near death.

“I feel [motherhood is] in my future and I’m on the verge of it in some way,” the Love Happens star said in recent months. “I want to have children."

Jen's "baby dream" is coming true. What that is? No one knows.

Becoming a parent has quickly become a high priority for the actress, who has scheduled several months off before starting her next project in 2010.

At least according to a celebrity gossip magazine that cites made-up sources who have surely never even spoken to her. They're made up, after all.

“Jen’s made no secret of the fact she wants to get pregnant,” says one such source. “Now, with nothing on her schedule for a while, she can finally relax and address priorities that matter most. Motherhood is at the top of her list."

“She wants to have a baby soon,” adds another Aniston insider.

Someone should probably tell her that. If she's not too busy picking out what to wear to the wedding of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, that is.


she wasn't pregnant. She's planning NOW for a baby with Theroux. xD


Yes, Jeffifer is sooo much better than Angelina who is a world known humanitarian and who with Brad gives millions to needy people and organizations to make things better. They also give them time. They have six beautiful kids and make great movies rather than B rate romantic comedies and obviously care about something more than their own spa treatments. Obviously, Jen and Brad split because he wanted a family and maybe who cared about something more than her hair. I don't get the Jennifer love; she goes with younger men and spends her time trying to beat time ("I'm no courgar--yeah right")-- she certainly doesn't have the maturity nor the compassion of Angelina who is five years younger.


If she is pregnant,it's good! Don't be mean, people! She deserves to be happy!


First in for all....YES whoever wrote this article is a jerk. Stop talking trash on Jenn. She is so beautiful, smart, AND NOT OLD..Really you think she's going to die alone????Well news flash I don't think she's gonna die anytime soon sweetheart. Why are you hating on Jen?? Probably because your a "Bradgelina" fan.... Jen didn't do anything wrong in the relationship. Brad Pitt is the one that cheated on Jen with that anorexic bitch Angelina (who by the way is ugly as hell, excuse my language but it's the truth) It's ppl like you who are going to live a sad lonely life without children!!! SOOOO GET A BETTER HOBBY!!!!


Whoever wrote this article is a total jerk! I hate you for being so mean! 40 is super younge and you have no idea what your talking about! So good job, you just got told off by a 12 year old.


Jennifer Aniston will be a great mother,I am her fan I blieve her!!!!


Wow Patricia... you sound like you're talking from experience, eh, you man-hater. Maybe you get kicked to the curb so many times because you're a control-freak like Aniston, yes Princess? Sure you are... LOL!


i think you people who have nothing better to do than bad mouth jen should find something better to do with your time. its really rude. shes not pushing 50! for crying out loud she just turned 40. i dont blame her for wanting children, they're a blessing! and she would make a great mom. so i know you all must be famous celebrities, and know what its like to be followed by paparazzi all the time, but those of you who aren't famous, you don't know, so leave it to the tabloids.


well, i think jen is a good actress and in this article (whoever u r) put on sucks also i'm happy for her baby dreams, everywoman'd like to be mom in her life, just cut it out the gossip


washington irvine are you sticking up for jeniffer aniston or telling the people who like her to shut up?

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