Nadya Suleman Calls Her Kids Mistakes

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In breaking news, Octomom, a.k.a. Nadya Suleman, the mother of 14 children, admits that: "I think it was a mistake - in terms of the well-being of the octuplets and of my other kids. I can't give myself to them 100 percent."

"If I'd known that, I never would have fathomed having eight more."

As if one is artificially inseminated with eight kids by accident. Really, she is just the victim here. If only she realized that six kids was already a lot, and that 14 might be slightly more of a burden. Especially when one has no freaking job.

We'll make a mental note to not repeat Nadya's innocent mistake.

Suleman Shot

Tell us something we don't know, Octomom. [Photo: Fame Pictures]

Lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented nonprofit Angels in Waiting, which provided free nanny service to Suleman, is particularly livid about the comments.

"I think it's very, very sad when any mother calls her child, or in this case, eight little babies, a mistake," Allred said. "How are the babies going to feel when they grow up and read one day that their mother calls them a mistake?"

"That is just very, very sad to me as a person who is an advocate for children. Even if she thinks it, the fact that she sad it is very, very troubling because has she even considered the impact that would have on the children long-term?"

The attorney said she remains very skeptical of Nadya Suleman's plans to exploit her kids show her life and earn $250,000 for a new reality show.

"First of all, we have a petition seeking guardianship over the estate of the octuplets pending in the Orange County Superior Court," Allred said.


That's right Roo--she did say that "SHE WAS MISTAKEN TOO HAVE SO MANY CHILDREN".I firmly believe that her mother is correct to say that Nadya needs psychological help.
It really disturbs me to see Nadya have so many children that she can't give herself 100% to.
My husband and I tried naturally for several years and invitro. to have at least one child. It never happened ,16 years later.It's couples like us that aren't able to concieve and that wanted a child (in our healthy circumstances) that are so upset with her.She (Nadya) is a very selfish woman.I do hope the best for all her children.


I believe it's better that OctoNadyia realizes now what a big mistake she made by giving birth to eight more children. It really, really scared when she was running around saying everything was wonderful and seemed like she was completely out of reality at the time. Maybe now she will be more willing to accept help from the charity organizations that provide childcare and get counseling as well. She owes it to those 14 kids to try and be the best mother she can be. Granted, it's not going to be easy at all, but if she can manage to give them all some love and quality time...that'll go a long way.


She did NOT call her children mistakes, she said she was mistaken to have so many, and she's right.


wk, I so agree. What doctor in his right mind would allow this. People play with human lives way too much in this country. I am an old fashioned girl who believes that a baby is a creation between a loving couple. You bring a child into this world because of the love you have for one another and because of that love you want to create a new life. A babies life should be a thought out, wanted and needed addition to your life. Not a status symbol or a money maker. It's just so sad.


Clearly she's so far below average in intelligence, she needs to be locked up for her own safety.

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