Octomom Ready to Exploit Kids For Money

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Hey, as depressing as it is that Nadya Suleman is getting a f*%king reality show, there are a couple of silver linings if you are willing to look hard enough:

  • At least the jobless drain on society will be making some money and paying taxes to the broke state of California for the first time in memory.
  • She can't possibly screw up and scar her children for life worse than Kate and Jon Gosselin already have. The bar has officially been lowered!

Even better, Octomom's 14 children (yes, she had six prior to the octuplets) are going to be earning $250 a day for a total of $250,000 over three years.

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The British production company handling the show will pay the kids each the same rate: $125,000 collectively for 36 days of shooting in the first year; $75,000 for 21 days in the second year; and $50,000 for 14 days the third year.

According to the Octomom reality show contract, 15 percent of the children's earnings will be placed in a trust account, as required by California law, that none of them will have access to until he or she is 18 or legally emancipated.

So as soon as they can speak and ask for a lawyer.

Octomom is ready to ruin her kids' lives even more than she already has. Although, on the flip side, how much worse can it get? [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

The as-yet untitled series, due to start shooting September 1, is said to be less of a day-to-day intrusion look at the huge, burdensome family's life and more of a documentary-style show focusing on milestones in the children's lives.

No word on how Gloria Allred feels about this. We just hope there are ample Crooked Houses plugs and that Nadya Suleman starts wearing a Bluetooth headset.


and yes shes paying her taxes like everybody else know we dont live in your grandmas past ok this is the milleniun and she hasnt done nothing to you shes not living off you and if she lived in the past with food stamps is the governments generosity,not yours thats why the government is there for us for the poor ,and yes if she wants to be in showbuss on tv like kate soo what is not your dawm life is her life and shes not exploiting her kids shes giving them a nice , life shes and adorable mom no man on earth will give life only womans respect and let it be live your miserable life


hi please leave her alone only because shes a single mom you are attacking her so what in life we dont make those choices to be single with kids she deserves to be treat equaly like a citizen if


The Octomom Reality TV show coming out is a good way for people to test whether or not they have a Life. It's simple, if you tune into this reality show for more then one minute, you do not have a Life.


Does anyone remember the sad lives of the exploited Dionne Quintuplets?


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