Jasmine Fiore Text Message May Hold Clue to Murder; Ryan Jenkins Still on the Loose

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Police spoke with a man who was involved with murdered model Jasmine Fiore and believe a text he received the night she died may hold an important clue.

The victim and husband Ryan Alexander Jenkins (the "person of interest") were in San Diego for a poker tournament Friday. At some point, Fiore texted Robert Hasman, a former boyfriend with whom she was involved before meeting Jenkins.

Jasmine Fiore, Playboy

Ryan Alexander Jenkins knew of Hasman, and was upset Hasman had been communicating with his wife while he was in Mexico shooting a reality show.

That show was I Love Money 3. More on that in a sec.

Jasmine Fiore is believed to have texted Robert Hasman Friday night, saying she was going to travel to Las Vegas to see him. Later that same evening, we're told Hasman received another text message from Fiore's phone that simply said:

"Suck it."

Police think that Ryan Alexander Jenkins, right, may have seen the text Jasmine Fiore sent to Robert Hasman, then fired off the "suck it" text message out of anger.

Fiore's body was stuffed in a suitcase and placed in a dumpster in Orange County. Jenkins was the last person to see her and reported her missing Saturday.

He is now MIA. Cops are "suspicious" of Ryan but he is not yet a suspect.

Interestingly, Jenkins had reportedly been bragging that he won a boatload of money on a reality show after his stint on VH1's Megan Wants a Millionaire.

Ryan Alexander Jenkins appeared on I Love Money Season 3, which has not yet aired, after his stint on Megan Wants a Millionaire. He married Jasmine Fiore in March after meeting her in a Las Vegas strip club ... two days earlier.

Ryan told several people who have spoken out since he went MIA that he was the I Love Money 3 winner, pulling in $250,000. VH1 has not confirmed this.

The taping of the reality show wrapped around four weeks ago.


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She was a lazy gold digger and he was a superfical fool what a perfect match! God bless both of them, but come on this story reads like a cheap murder mystery.


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Another classic example of how living the fast life will lead ya to ruin. You meet a girl at a strip club, marry her two days later, and there's not going to be problems? Who raised this nut? Life is full of problems when we're not doing stupid things. This was a bomb just waiting to explode. From all reports, he sounds like a very ignorant fellow.


Hey, Listen!
Michael I dont believe you should be passing judgement on the choices of Reality shows. Every one is a child of God. We all deserve the same RESPECT! And to all of you other hoodlums: You should be ashamed of slandering this young man for his choice of actions. How do you know that this woman was even worthy of continuing her life on Earth.
Thank You children, I hope this Comment was very informative and will keeo you from gossipingabout people you do not even know
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but get this the stupid model killer ryan was found dead in canada a while back. they said he committed suicide. its crazy, and now because of producers stupidity vh1 is like over!and i loved the shows i love money and megan wants a millionaire so it really sucks!


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Jasmine Fiore, Playboy
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