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“[Jon] totally screwed me over and acted like a dirtbag.” – Kate Major

In a new tell-all interview, Kate Major (a.k.a. Kate 2.0) is looking to grab a 16th minute by going off on Jon Gosselin’s lies and shady seduction secrets.

Life sure has changed in a “major” way for Jon Gosselin since he separated from wife Kate in late June. He used to wear a bluetooth, sit on one end of the couch and be brutally emasculated every Monday night on TV. Now he’s such a player!

One of several ex-lovers from the past few months alone, Kate Major, says he was a “great kisser,” and their fling “was amazing.” She was quite smitten:

“I said, ‘I’ve never felt like this about anybody else in my life,’ and he said, ‘Me too.'”

That’s what the players all say, though. And Jon, who is reportedly shopping his own reality show, played Kate 2.0 in the worst fashion, she claims.

Sparks first flew on July 17, when the former Star Magazine reporter went to cover the breakdown of Jon’s marriage. That was followed by whirlwind trips to New Jersey, NYC and Long Island’s Hamptons that included three sexual encounters.

But by July 29, Jon had brought the relationship to a screeching halt, denied it ever happened and gone back to previous play thing Hailey Glassman.

“I’m deeply upset by the turn of events,” Kate Major says. “He totally screwed me over and acted like a dirtbag.” Other revelations after the jump …

On Jon clandestinely booty-calling her as his eight kids slept: “Jon said he couldn’t be seen having a girlfriend, so he told me to drive to a neighbor’s house after midnight. He said he’d pick me up on his four-wheeler, take me to his house and drop me off again at 6 a.m.

I was shocked and said, ‘No, I don’t feel right doing that. What if the kids wake up?’ He was like, ‘They’re not going to notice, they’re not going to see anything.’ He wasn’t nervous about it. I was. Looking back, it was all pretty much sexual.

That’s what he had in mind.”

On Jon dumping her ass via text message: “Jon told me he had to go to Massachusetts to meet Hailey and break up with her.

Right when he left on July 23, he shut his phone off – and also shut himself off. Once he finally called me, I didn’t know the new person. He sounded upset and said he needed to be single right now.

Then he sent me a message saying, ‘Do not contact me again.'”

On Jon covering his own ass 24-7: “Jon never wanted to use his credit card – he was worried that he’d get caught or spotted. On July 20, we went to a hotel in New Jersey. I paid for the room, and he snuck up a back way.

That was the first time we slept together. He said he was falling in love with me. He said, ‘I thought Hailey was perfect until I met you.'”

On Jon’s lying tendencies: “Looking back on it now, he was stringing me along. Even when we were in the Hamptons, we were planning to go to LA together to meet with Christian Audigier about Ed Hardy stuff.

We also talked about going to Las Vegas. Now he’s taking [Hailey Glassman], and that was a trip we had planned together.”