Ryan Alexander Jenkins, Megan Wants a Millionaire Hopeful, Sought in Murder of Jasmine Fiore

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The murder of Jasmine Fiore, a Playboy representative who was found dead and stuffed in a suitcase in Orange County last weekend, has police on the hunt.

Their top suspect is Ryan Alexander Jenkins, a recent contestant on the VH1 reality show Megan Wants a Millionaire (and rumored to be among its finalists).

According to police, Jasmine Fiore was found in a trash bin in Buena Park Saturday morning. She was first reported missing by Ryan Jenkins that evening.

The Buena Park PD has been trying unsuccessfully to contact him ever since and feared he may be on the run. A police official said they fear the 32-year-old Ryan Alexander Jenkins, a resident of Calgary, may be fleeing to Canada.

"It's suspicious," the official said.

Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo

Police later learned Ryan Jenkins married Jasmine Fiore earlier this year.

That revelation came courtesy of none other than Megan Hauserman, star of Megan Wants a Millionaire, who said Jenkins met Fiore at a strip club in Vegas where she worked as a dancer. Megan says Jenkins married Fiore two days later.

Ryan Jenkins, who was reportedly a finalist on the show, which is airing right now, went right to Vegas after getting booted from the show and met Fiore.

Megan Hauserman says Jenkins was smart, nice and she is shocked by the turn of events. Jenkins' publicist just released a statement saying the following:

"Ryan is currently speaking to his attorney and will fully cooperate with the police in this matter. He is planning on meeting with them in the near future."

Ryan Jenkins married Jasmine Fiore, left, after his stint on Megan Hauserman's reality show, Megan Wants a Millionaire. Fiore was discovered dead last Saturday morning.


I always had great respect for the US Feds, Until they messed up in finding Ryan Jenkins before, he entered into Canada. I wish the Feds would have gotten him, because in Canada he would have got a slap on the wrist & maybe 7 yrs in Jail in Canada. The USA WOULD HAVE GIVEN HIM WHAT HE DESERVED! A LIFE TIME IN JAIL WITHOUT PAROLE! HE WAS A COWARD AND A FOOL! MY HEART FELT SYMPATHY GOES TO Jasmine's family, Especially her MOM & DAD & family & friends. No one should have to die this way, this was horrific & so unbelievable. I pray to god this does not happen to anyone else. God Bless the Fiore Family, We can only imagine the kind of pain the family is going through. Your Family is in my prayers.. As A CANADIAN, I would like to apologize for The Canadian Police Force not finding him before he took the coward's way out! We on both sides of the border could have done more!


jasmine Fiore grew up in my town im shocked to hear of her death she was well known and loved in my town. Santa cruz will mourn her death but her memory forever alive. I send my love to her family friends and loved ones and hope that bastard gets what he deserves and poor Megan getting her show canceled.


I disagree with Ashleigh. Women are the biggest boobs, pun intended, on Reality Television particular where they attempt to marry a millionaire. You have to have something wrong with you to marry someone after only two days. It is called Reality, for a reason.


You can see Jasmine's *leaked photos* here too:
You have to do a little survey then it takes you right to the pics!!! RIP!


Sorry to burst your little bubble but not only WOMEN are on reality love shows. So don't say 'women should try and achieve success by some other means' cas men do it also.


Or maybe RAGING HOMICIDAL MANIACS like to sign up for Reality Television shows. And maybe women should try and achieve success by some other means other than selling their bodies to the highest bidder. Who said love and romance was dead.


Reality Television has a downside; it turns some into RAGING HOMICIDAL MANIACS when they lose; it's just something minor the producers forgot to put in their contracts, and they are working on a 12-Step Religious Cult program to deal with it.

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