Chris Brown: I Still Love Rihanna (and Don't Recall Pounding the Crap Out of Her)

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Yes, you read the headline right, and we're not lying. He said this. Both parts.

Fans and celebrity gossip readers everywhere were shocked to hear that R&B star Chris Brown pummeled girlfriend Rihanna senseless back in February.

Chris Brown was also shocked to learn this.

That is, if his first public comments on the situation since being given five years probation last week are to be believed in his softball Q&A with Larry King.

Flanked by mom Joyce Hawkins and attorney Mark Geragos during the interview, airing this week, Brown said he had no recollection of the bloody fight.

"No, I don't," Brown said, when asked whether he remembers savagely walloping his superstar ex-girlfriend. "It's like, it's crazy to me. I'm like, wow."

We're like, "wow," too right now. Another shocking quote? Chris Brown's revelation, in a new interview with People, that he's still in love with Rihanna.

"I never fell out of love with her," he said. "That just wouldn't go away." Unfortunately, that court order might make it go away - 100 yards away.

Other Chris Brown revelations from the two interviews:

  • "I was distraught ... I went to my mom on the same night and told [her] what happened and broke down." (on his reaction after the assault)
  • "I feel like he enjoyed it. He was an abuser. It was continuous." (on how his domestic abuse history differs from his abusive stepfather)

Here's a (very short) clip of Brown on Larry King Live ...


i am a huge fan of rihanna n were i live it not easy bein fan of rihanna if the 2 young birds want to b with each other let them b.who r we to juge then.


i don"t have nottin yo say about the 2 lover's


ok first of it wasnt chris fault cause he was playin with her but she takes it serious and hits him witch makes this chris problem cause he the man and it dosent matter if he still love rihaan cause that is what he feels and if rihanna dosent love him back thats her problem but chris is never goin to break that love


i mean i am a big fan of chris brown but i dont think that it waz right for him to lose most of his fans.i he waz wrong for what he did but rihanna hit him first,so rihana shold get a lot of troble like he did.she cause made the problem chris brown almost lost his carre for somthing thAt he did not make. i mean i dont even think that rihanna didnt love him, becase she whold of talk about it instead of using her hand first.


fuuuuck her !!! i love chris brown its alll her fault !! he made him react to her crazy ass !!!!


dude yall need to chill ou chris brown did what he did but god says to forgive others if you want other to forgive you so stop callig chris bad names and stop saying that he hurt her on purpose cuz your ruining his career and your gonna be a cause for it cuz all your doin is giving him more regret so just stop all of this hate and forgive and let him feel like a good person again


okay well frst off , im still ah fan of chris brown && ilove his new songsz , buht ithnkk erri bdyy dntt knw tha full storyy tu whyy && how it went down . likee comee tha fxckk on nw , peoplee qeht abusedd erri dayy && yhu dntt see thm on tv qettnq arrested or ani thanq likee tht . likee rihanna qoht whtt shee deservee irealyy dntt likee her && irealyy didnt likee her whn shee becamee badd ( qudd qirl qonee badd ) likee come on nw , shee onlyy settnq her self uhp for failuree . one dayy erri bdyy qonna knw tha kindd of person she truelyy is , chris shudntt ov went thru whtt he went thru alonee , thyy both hit eachother && rihanna shud havee been riqht byy his sidee doinq communityy servicee . shee strt tu much troublee thtsz hw all ths happened , cuz tht bxtch strtdd it . shee knew whtt shee wuz doinq && thtsz noht riqht tu makee chris qo thru all ths . tha battle may beh ovah buht nevah for qotten -| ilovee yhu chris brown |-


I'm nOt a Bigg fan Of ChRiSs brOwn..But I muSst sayy I havee hiSs baCkk On thiSs beCusz ..fOr One..nO matter wat!.. eveRy`Onee have a pOint in theRe lifee..a paSst.. that anOtherr may`nOt knO abOut..Or hOw`eveR the bOok gOez..Rihanna hadd nOo Right..2 put heR handds On ChRiSs BrOwn!. .&& eveRyOnee/-mOSst Of thinkk its Okay beCusz she's a yOung`Lady!..nOo fuCk that!!!.. She ReaChed hiSs pOin..The Chapter in the bOok wheRe she's gOnna get heR a*s hit baCkk!.. ThiSs iSs ameriCcaa!..lOl!. I knO heR mamma/gmamma tOld heR kumm'n Up dOn't put yOuR hands On sOme`One if yOu dOn't wanna get hands put baCkk On yOu!.. Idk abOut alL Of yOu guys.. but I thinkk the miStake waSs On heR when she tuCh'd him FIRST!!.. && he's The bad One beCusz she gOt fuCk'd Up 4 tOuCh'ngg him!.. She need 2 be in juSst as muCh shit as he's in!.. WOman Or man!..alL the blam shouldn't be On juSst him alOnee!.. SHE HIT FIRST!!!!!!!.


love chris


whatz up i love chris brown

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