Chris Brown Assault on Rihanna Described in Detail; Star Had Prior Domestic "Incidents"

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Perhaps this is why the judge was so stern about him steering clear of Rihanna.

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    Hey guys take it easy. No one is perfect. Am a nigerian. To regard black men as 2nd to the devil is uncalled for. Whites are known for divorce. Whites are known as most times mentally retarded. Raping their mums and sisters,shooting their dad. I know a white woman that has had abortion 47 times. Tell me the white woman is not crazy. Blacks have morals. They dnt talk back to their parents etc. All what i said is for julia. She is a racist. If not for the science and technology invented by the whites,i would have looked at them as a race that needs counselling. They behave somehow. Just like this julia.


    rihanna is a cute woman i think she need to move on with her life.God will help her and found a real man who wl take care of herself


    Wow Julia How ignorant are you Not all black men are bad Just as all White men are saints You should so the world a favor off yourself and anyone who agrees with you. What a shame


    LMAO @ 1:41
    You really need to STFU. How can you call somebody you don't even know those disgusting, degrading names? Like, seriously? Where are you from? Who raised you? Rihanna is gorgeous and I never understood what she was doing with Chris. Chris Brown's actions have showed just what type of person he is. I wonder who his next victim will be? Don't know.....but it sure as hell won't be Rihanna. I hope to god her taste in men improve. Leave these thug rappers/singers alone.


    cont'd *abandon*--would just get sucked into a black hole so the world wouldn't have to deal with you. Black men are the scum of the earth. Calling Rihanna a bitch is so typical seeing as how all women in y'all eyes are whores, bitches and chickenheads. Do the world a favorite and off yourself. Only a like-minded fool would condone this thug. Hopefully women are smart enough to stay the hell away from you.


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    People, it takes two!! While I believe Chris should have walked away from Rihanna's jealous, controlling, b*tchy self, Chris brother, should have never laid a hand on the ugly *ss skank. She is nothing but trouble man. It's ok for Rihanna to attack him right? Nah, she should have anger management herself. Women, unless you are ready to take a punch, don't ever hit a man either. He shouldn't be the only one having to face charges. She hit him before, Chris man, brother you need to stay far away from this little witch!!!


    Wow he really beat her. I don't know why they can't keep thier hands to themselves but they need not to get back together. If she makes him that mad he should have just broke up with her after she slapped him its hard to say if he got a fair sentence considering they have both been violent toward one another.


    C-B needs to go away. Total a-hole. Amazed there is a population of young people that find him appealing. Black brothas unite - tell this joker to get out!


    It's pretty easy to read Chris' face. In every photo taken while he's under pressure about this case, his expression screams "I'm guilty as hell but will pretend to look innocent". Rihanna was a stupid fool to ever be seen with this guy after he was busted.

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