Joyce Hawkins: Not Ashamed of Son Chris Brown

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After her son's formal sentencing to five years' probation this week for beating Rihanna, Chris Brown's mom Joyce Hawkins has spoken out for the first time.

Thanking fans for standing by her troubled 20-year-old son, Hawkins posted the following comments on the singer's fan site,

Chris Brown, Jenna Bentley

"I want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your continued support. I'm sorry I wasn't allowed to speak to anyone as the case was ongoing."

"I can now say this has been the most painful moment in my entire life, but knowing that you were still standing by Chris' side made it a little easier for us."

"Because of all your prayers, God brought him through."

Chris Brown and his mom Joyce Hawkins.

"I just want to say God has never failed me and never will. All moms and dads please stand by your children and pray for their goodness each and every day."

"I made a promise. I would never be ashamed of him no matter where I am or who I talk to. You see this whole thing isn't about Chris Brown, it's about God."

"He wants to show all of you the goodness of him through Chris. Chris will be addressing all of his fans very soon. We love you so much and so does God."

On Wednesday, both Chris and his mother taped a revealing interview - his first since the February 8 beating - with Larry King, which will air September 2.

It's certainly hard to fault Joyce for sticking by her son, but evoking God can only do so much. Given Brown's history of violence, it's on him to set a better example and prove that he deserves the second chance he's been given.


I really think people's are jealous of Chris because this have been going to long they was lover Rihanna played A part in this to God said to for give Chris is a great guy Hold your head Chris do what is good for you and keep Praying and love the Lord
Keep him near at all times no matter Good or Bad
God is working on you he is trying to get you where he want you pay attention


i still adore chris..wat he did was wrong but he admitted his mistake and he's paying for it.


Chris Brown this is just a way for the media to try and make an example out of a good man,who has never done anything wrong in the publics eye, now if this had been the other way around the joke would still be on Chris , this ain't the first time they have fought she been hitting him too, he just clicked.Chris Brown do not deserve all this bashing,plus Jay-Z aint perfect, im sure he


This is the dumbest statement I've ever wonder he beats women because he has a dumb slut for a mom. He probably use to slap his twat mom around when she didn't give him the toys he wanted. What normal parent wouldn't be ashamed of their child who beats a woman down like she's a man? Chris Browns' career is over, but don't worry Chris the Taco Bell by the crib needs someone to clean the toilets...


u r the cutest singer of them all i think they need to shut up about rihanna she still alive they act like u killed her


it was not kewl wat u did to rihnna but i still look up to u hope u do betta


i think they came down too hard on chris when every day men beat and rape women, they act like this is the first time a woman and a man get into a fight i got hit by a man once and it was just a slap and it was the worst thing that ever happen to me bi think they should leave the boy alone , all u people dont know what a real wife beater is i grew up watching that ,also thing every one has a temper so its time to let it go it is not that serious he is a great singer.let it go people.


cb you re really really ............... i i dnot have word to say.


okay; CB was on the record of sayin his childhood had abuse between his dad n mom; and on the Tyra Banks Show he said himself he never lay a hand on any woman; UNTIL now; He literally gave her a good ole fashion beat down; not no scrapes or scratches; he knock the snot outta her; he mah boi but he lost true brownie points from me; so what of all the gossip n stories of Rihanna; just think to yourself;"put yourself in Rihanna's shoes" would you want to get struck and basically whipped by a dude regaardless of the situation??


i wouldnt ether he sid his sorrys like amen and its over so leave him alone ps luv u chris b


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