The Bachelorette Finale Spoilers: Reid Returns, Kiptyn is The Bachelor, Ed Proposes ... and Has a Girlfriend?

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On last night's episode of The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris bid farewell to Reid Rosenthal, to the surprise of no one, keeping Ed Swiderski and Kiptyn Locke.

With the exception of Ed's performance anxiety and the show's hilarious ways of wording that situation, Monday's episode was fairly vanilla and predictable.

But now that Reid's gone and Kiptyn and Ed are the last men standing, The Bachelorette spoilers and rumor mill are starting to go haywire. Ready for this?

If our sources are to be believed ...

  • Ed Swiderski proposes to Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette season finale in two weeks (next week is the useless "Men Tell All" filler clip show).
  • The "unexpected confession" on the season finale is that Jillian's just-vanquished "Honey Bear," Reid Rosenthal, returns to say he loves her.
  • Kiptyn Locke has already been named the next star of The Bachelor.
  • Oh, and Ed may have a girlfriend back home.

Will Jillian choose Ed, Kiptyn, or a returning Reid?

First, Reid Rosenthal. You knew after DeAnna Pappas told The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick she "made a mistake" - this even before he chose Melissa Rycroft and dumped her for Molly Malaney - that The Bachelorette finale would include some stunt.

Reid coming back to Hawaii to profess his love for Jillian Harris, which he just couldn't quite do all season long and resulted in demise, makes perfect sense.

But is it too little, too late? Is it completely contrived? Probably. But is there a chance Reid can come back and steal this title in dramatic fashion? Sure.

It would certainly be a stunning (albeit blatantly scripted) conclusion that would fall short of the Jason-Molly-Melissa drama, but not by too much.

As for Kiptyn Locke, he has been rumored to have signed a deal to be the new star of The Bachelor for some time now. Mr. Perfect certainly looks and acts the part, making some fans wonder if he was being groomed for this all along.

Finally, Ed Swiderski having a girlfriend in Chicago?

A shaky rumor, to be sure, but our man Reality Steve has never been wrong before, so his Bachelorette spoilers have to be taken semi-seriously ...


Who will win The Bachelorette's heart?

The blogger reports that Ed Swiderski left a female in Chicago high and dry - a girl who “without a doubt” was Ed’s girlfriend before he left for The Bachelorette.

This girl was under the assumption they were dating when he left to film the show. He came back to Chicago (after bailing on Jillian) then went AWOL again.

An email was sent asking “So I guess we’re seeing other people now.” Ed responded with “No, I just need to wait until this show is over.” This girlfriend of Ed’s is under the assumption they are together and she just has to wait out the show.

Shady stuff if that's true. Wouldn't it be wild if Wes Hayden drama was manufactured and it turned out to be Ed with a girlfriend back home - who came back to bite him? Or if all this were a red herring and Kiptyn Locke ended up winning?

Thoughts? Opinions? Gossip of your own? Share with us below ...

Who will win The Bachelorette?


how can i contact all the men that were disappointed by julian? the show has been so very intersting


Jilian is a douche! Cannot believe she chose the frog over the prince Kiptyn! U snOoze u lose hunni .. And u lost out big time!


I hate wes he is a scumbag. He can take his stupid shakey voice and shove dog can sing better than stupid wes.


loved the show lastevening but missed the last half hour did the guy from cape code and roberto are they off who is on. pls answer i liked the guy from the cape let me know marlene


Come ON! Ed is a TOTAL cheese! He had not only 1 girlfriend, but 2 at home, scum city! Not to mention, his cross legged-ness and man-kini...ED is in love with HIMSELF, not her. Reid is cute and they adored each other, just was 2 chicken til 2 late...she outta rethink it and ditch Ed. Kiptyn has been my fave since day 1-NORMAL and AWESOME and LOYAL...I like Jillian, but she honestly dosen't deserve Kiptyn if she wants Velveeta Ed.
You go Kip and find your Princess.


sorry i have agree wit nj yu made bad chocies during the whole show


I have no idea what the truth is with Ed having a girlfriend. I wanted Jillian to pick Reid the whole time. He really had feelings for her, but just couldnt tell her yet. She would just dump the guys that were right for her just because they couldnt say I Love U !!!!!! I just think this show is getting crazy.


For all you folks who support Reid, I think he is controlling and clueless. After his proposal he stated, Jillian said I have to think about it?" His response, "What is there to think about?" Duh? Could you imagine him as a husband? Ever time he wants something and the wife says I have to think about it. He responds with "What is there to think about?" Early signs of control and abuse - no respect for the fact that the other person might have an opinion and maybe he is wrong.


I have never understood how a woman or man, who is 'in love' could be intimate with 3 in a row. That portion of the show is 'not realistic'. Getting intimate is not like going to three different restaurants to see which serves the best food. It has always surprisedme how Gillian professed her love for Ed to the host on the final rose ceremony awaiting his arrival and then Reid arrives and she is all confused. If that is all it took to confuse her I can understand why she is still single - fickle and indecisive even to the end - good luck Ed. You either loved the guy (Ed) or you did not.


I really don't know what Jillian see in Ed ; But to give up The Two Great Guy;s ;She did is unreal; They Both are The top of The best. If I had Been in Her Place It would have been very hard to choose between Kip and Reed; Ed would have been gone long ago. I think Jillian is Blind ; and Crazy.. I just don;t see how she let these other great Guy's Go . If I were single ; I would say look out. By the way I have a Kiptin/Reed

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