The Bachelorette: Kiptyn
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Kiptyn from The Bachelorette may have a weird name, but he is a favorite to win the heart of Jillian Harris. Can he beat out Ed? What about Jake? What do you think?

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PS - Her shrill annoying screeched would drive me insane!


I think Ed is a "Ross Geller" type dork, but that leaves Kipton for someone more deserving. It's obviously scripted.


i don't know if it was the editing or what of this manipulative show, but the chemistry between kiptyn and this something very wrong with this picture bachelorette was so right and then what went down with her 'ed' choice was so off putting and nauseating. jillian is nothing short of a blubbering fool and got the guy she deserves: a gay husband is something to behold, tacky ring and all after this season, i will never watch this stupid show again


hey i think mah man kypton will be the man of the hour...his cute and he knows how to handle a gal like jillian...hey j..look at he inside not the outside....peace out...


I really like Kypton he seems to be a lot of fun to be with.


Ed is really sexy, very handsome. He is the only one that really talk to Gillian. The other 2, she has to drill them for answers. Ed is very affectionate towards her. Maybe, I am a little bias towards Ed because I like him more than the other 2. Ed is taller, Kyptin is going bald and Ried seems so childish. He is not ready for Gillian. Ed is the man.


It's going to be tough, all three remaining guys seem so sincere. I think Kiptyn and Reid both said they weren't ready for an engagement at the moment, maybe in the future. Ed discussed marriage and a family in the near future. That's what Jillian is looking for. I believe the remaining bachelor will be Ed. He's really cute and it sure took some nerve for him to return to the show. That's a plus.