Jon Gosselin or Kate Gosselin: Who Sucks More?

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The passionate defense of Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman offered by her Facebook friends got us thinking about how weird this whole situation is.

As their marriage has deteriorated amid months of celebrity gossip scrutiny, neither Jon or Kate Gosselin seems to enjoy much in the way of popular support.

Kate Dances

Rather, both have been roundly criticized for everything from spanking Leah to parading around with some 22-year-old ditz just weeks after their separation.

It's hard to tell where public opinion lies, as so much of it is negative toward both. Jon is a cheater! Kate drove him to it! We've heard both arguments.

When it comes to the grating, reverse-mulleted, overbearing hag or the Ed Hardy-wearing boyfriend of Hailey Glassman, the only question is: Who sucks more?


John it is ok to admit you f**ked up and are a f**king idiot...those little girls you left Kate for are ugly and just already have 8 children you are suppose to be raising, you don't need another....smh


check this out then!!


Forgot to say, I hope she cheats on you you fat ass!!!! she is bound to do that to you, she is young and a wild ditz who likes to party, she will get sooooooo drunk that she will end up screwing another guy at a party without you there!!!! Hope she does that to you, and you will regret leaving your wife for a stupid ditz like her!!! I guess your a dumb loser to be with her then!!!!


Jon absolutely sucks!!! What man in his right mind would leave his wife and 8 kids to go screw around with other women ( women of low class and taste I might add). He acts like a baby who just found out that he has a penis and must stick it everywhere. He's an idiot, raising a large family is hard and someone should tell this idiot that as your kids age they will see these pic's of you and other women, they will read the stories and they will resent him for the way he treated their mother and they will feel as if you left them to whore around.


you should have an option to vote for "they suck equally"


jon is the man

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