Hailey Glassman: Dating Jon Gosselin to Get Famous, Always a Party Animal, Upset By Celebrity Gossip Coverage

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Is Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend out to be a star herself?

Sources tell Us Weekly that Hailey Glassman, 22, whose father performed Kate Gosselin's 2006 tummy tuck operation, tried out for MTV's Real World and Oxygen's Bad Girls Club and is dating the newly-separated Jon "to get famous."

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"I think after realizing she had a connection to Jon through her father and that Jon and Kate's marriage was rocky, [Hailey] saw an opportunity to get famous," a Hailey Glassman pal (hopefully one of the ones in these racy pictures) said.

James Appleton, who describes himself as a Glassman "hookup friend," says his f*%k buddy dumped him just as news she was dating Jon Gosselin broke.

"A couple days later a mutual friend was like, 'Oh hey, your girl Hailey is pretty famous. She's dating this older guy who has like eight kids,'" says Appleton.

But if she thought being Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend would be her ticket to fame, Hailey Glassman clearly didn't think about the bad press she'd receive.

She's reportedly unhappy with how she's portrayed in the celebrity gossip world.

"U.S. press is all over stories about her being some slutty party girl with a history of arrests," a source says of the pothead. "She was pretty upset tonight."

Hey, it's not our fault she posted a picture of herself doing a face plant into a wall on Facebook. Take those pics down, teens. No good comes of them.

However you want to look at it, Hailey Glassman, who is said to be working with Jon and Christian Audigier on a kids clothing line, is quite a night owl.

"She's one of those crazy party animals," a source tells People, adding that during her time at Indiana University, she never had a steady boyfriend, but instead "would probably be the girl who would get on top of the bar and start dancing."

Adds another source: "I've seen her dance with a stripper at a party."

Glassman's wild side is reflected by the fact that she has had a couple of encounters with the police, including a 2005 arrest for possession of marijuana.


The whole situation is dinugstisg. Stop the show and let this family heal. Even if it means healing as a divorced couple, it would be better to stop the spotlight to avoid inflicting anymore psychological damage to these kids, who are now being forced to see their parents in a bad light on tabloids week after week, while dealing with their parents separation. It's awful.


i think that hailey glassman is stupid and mean. i think the same for jon. i think that jon is a selfish loser who adopts kids and leaves his wife alone expecting her to take care of the 8 kids . jon, do u ever think of hearing the song YOUR A JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am terriably mad at u hailey and jon. just to let u know hailey, jewish people don't smoke,and u are supposed to give the world an example, but instead u r embarrasing yourself. you know jon, ur kids are gonna end up HATIN u 4 life!! so give ur kids an example you mindless jerk


The children will always remember that their dad went to France with a young woman when he was married. One day JON you will regret that.


The only thing that this spoiled, homewrecking skank can hope to acheive by all this publicity is a guest spot as a featured stripper in some dirty Vegas strip club. And that's only IF she gets daddy to fix that manky face of hers, and does something about those eyebrows...


The first time I met Hailey she was high from snorting cocaine. Her reputation around campus was that she was bisexual and enjoyed threesomes. Her daily activity was drinking, smoking pot, snorting coke and staying up all night. ALL the guys wanted to get to know her (we all know why). Everytime she got in trouble with the law, her Daddy was right there handing out the money to keep baby girl from enduring too much in the court system. This girl is nothing but trouble. She's a spoiled little rich girl who thinks she can do no wrong. She doesn't keep friends for very long. Maybe this is just what Jon needs to find himself; maybe that's a part of life he feels he's missing; drinking, partying, smoking pot, doing drugs. If I were Kate, I make damn sure that the tramp doesn't get near the kids. No good can come out of this new love relationship. Jon will pay a big price for what he's doing.


Making dad proud! I'm guessing she will not follow in her father's footstep. She looks like a disgusting bit#%. I would be so ashamed to be her mother. Having fun doesn't mean not having self control!


I can't believe she is only 22. Somebody should check that out, she looks way older. No matter, what a PIG, dating a man who is still legally and morally tied to another woman. Much less his eight children. Her parents seemed so nice when on the show. They should pull her aside and give her some serious advice. She is truely disgusting, not just her looks, her whole demeanor is trashy. But, hey, that makes them perfect for one another. Fat Jon and trashy Hailey!


Jon, you sure are setting a very "good" example for your children.


Hailey Glassman is so disgusting!! If I have to come across another photo of her online I'm going to barf. There is NO WAY this girl is only 22. Her face looks 42! Note to Hailey....stop the tanning and smoking..it is adding YEARS to your face. Unfortunately, plastic doc daddy can't implant any CLASS into your body. Get out of the public eye...you are making us all nauseated!!!

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