Facebook Friends of Hailey Glassman: You Go, Girl!

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From what we've observed since she went public with Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman does not have many fans within the celebrity gossip community.

Some people say Hailey is using Jon to get famous. Others say she's a giant ditz. But the 22-year-old wild child's Facebook friends are standing by her.


That's right, Kate Gosselin was apparently the gold diggin' type - married to Jon Gosselin for 10 years - according to this Hailey Glassman homey.

"Everyone writing negative crap leave her alone!!!!" another Glassman pal added. "She was NOT in a relationship with Kate - Jon was!!!! She's done nothing wrong!"

Furthermore, one Facebooker came to the defense of Jon Gosselin as well as his new play thing Hailey Glassman: "Jon deserves to be happy!!! Just because he has someone new in his life does NOT mean he is going to neglect his children!!!"

FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES: At least Jon Gosselin mistress Hailey Glassman (center) can count on her core group of friends to lean on for support (and point guns at).

"Kate goes around touring with her bodyguards promoting her books - she has lead her life and done what she wants - so can Jon!!!! Good luck to both of you!!!"

"I don't hate on you at all, do your thing!" wrote another. "No one knows the truth but you two and thats your buisness. Looks like you guys had a blast in France!"

Glassman - the daughter of the plastic surgeon who gave Kate Gosselin a tummy tuck in 2006 - replied to the words of encouragement by simply writing:

"Thank you for all the support!"

Wonder if the two dudes who were all over her in that classic photo were some of the people offering words of encouragement on Facebook. Eh, probably.

Some new Hailey Glassman pictures on Facebook appears to include shots of her with Jon Gosselin (although she cropped out the father of eight):


I think both parents shuold of walked away in the spring when the story broke about Jon and his girlfriend.I think Jon dating more than one women, all in the press is just as badJon, being cut from the show, then saying he will not let his children be filmed is a scam. He want to be on the schoolShould the show be canceled, yesI never watch the show, and know who these people areThe children are always be put firstI can say, beside filming the show, Kate seem to have the best interest of the children in mindKate and Jon been exploiting the children for yearsI do not thing it will stop, unless Jon is cut out of it


Ack, what ugly faces this girl makes. Quite a reflection of the creature inside. Posing with guns? Disgusting. Sleeping with Gosselin? Filthy disgusting wh*re. She deserves the permanent notoriety she has gotten. And it is permanent, dropping her many rungs down the social ladder her parents had to climb. She'll always be viewed with suspicion and mistrust. Even her friends will talk behind her back about her. Men will use her because she's easy. And to think she accomplished all this at age 22. How pathetically sad. I'm sure her parents are proud of her (NOT!) By the time the public is done with her, she'll need her daddy's skills to reshape her face so no one will recognise her. Stupid girl-child.


Glassman is a homewrecker. I'm sure her friends would agree if they lost their husband to her, or would they support her in that decision to? Bottom line- she's 22 yrs. old and getting involved with the ex-hisband of one of her friends who has 8 children with the man.

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