Kelly Clarkson: Quit Callin' Me Fat!

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Like Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson is sick of criticism over her weight.

"For seven years it's been happening. It's like, 'OK cool, the fat jokes,'" she said in an interview with 2Day FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show in Australia.

Muscle Wasting

"I love my body. I'm very much OK with it. I don't think artists are ever the ones who have the problem with their weight, it is other people."

The original American Idol has also come under recent scrutiny over her sexuality. She says she doesn't care if people think she is a lesbian.

Her only complaint in that department: "The rumors are not helping me on the dating front! I prefer the boys. I'm extremely flattered when I do get hit on by girls, and I do think it's really hot, but I'm not into it. I like boys."

Fat or not, Kelly Clarkson said she's in no rush to find Mr. Right.

"I'm only 27, not 40 and still single! I enjoy being single, I love work and I think people are so passive with relationships and I'm not that person."

"I'm an extremist, I'm either in a relationship or I'm not. I'm honest about it and I'll tell people, it's just there's nothing to tell. I have a very good life."

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She's a fatass. The ones who say she isn't fat are usually fat themselves.


Kelly you are not fat.i love your music


let's be honest, she's pretty fat. that doesn't make her a bad person; but she's an entertainer, and her multimillion dollar brand is based in part on a degree of physical attractiveness. she is obviously free to do whatever she likes, but it's kind of disappointing to see someone of her stature undermining a valuable brand with something as preventable as gluttony and/or sheer laziness.


She's pretty, healthy and hot...aslong as she's ok with her body, screw everbody else. I think she's amazing, like other people think. Keep at it! P.S. I like the colour of her hair :)

@ Conner Clark

I agree. She is a brand in the business and her weight is hurting her sales and now radio airplay. Her recent single People Like Us only made it to 30 on Top 40. yeah on AC it made it to number 1 but her image in POP is not cutting it. I don't know why she thinks she looks good, she doesn't. Trust me Kelly, your husband will not stick around.


She might not be all skinny, but she is not fat! She's a beautiful woman with a great voice.


She aint fat she's perfect love her just the way she is a real woman with real talent.kelly as far as talent shows go you where Simons best find a true genuine star the American idol! No ones even come close to you! Ur amazing and I'd date ya shame I'm a nobody!!!!


I think however she's fat but all of you shouldn't hate her. All of you not fat you don't know the felling of her. If we love her we should every thing her has not only love the beauty of her only. Kelly i love everything you have. Don't waste your time of happy although you fat but it'll yr life know love you true. Love you kelly.


that is wrong with hollywood you got to be like barbie size and it don't work like that for some people we are all differnt size we can not be like barbie size anyways she is plastic so go kelly love ya


yes, she is fat. but so what? she's still pretty. she has beautiful voice. and she has a lot of fans. i'm a big fan of hers from asia. everything will be fine. perhaps she just having rough moment and it's quite normal, you know, for women to gain weight. i'm sure she will take control over her weight again. not because everyone says she's fat, but because she knows she has to stay healthy for herself. have a great time, kelly


She is fat. she is not ok looking, please don't blame the clothes. SHE IS FAT. Compare her to the early America idol days. She has gained a considerable amount of weight. When you are in the public eye, there is a responsibility to keep an attractive appearance, but for her own gain, not ours. If she does not want to be called fat, she should quit, and settle down in some fat state out in the south or the midwest.