Kate Gosselin: From Mom to... Monster!

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While Lost viewers continue to debate the identity of the smoke monster, there's no such mystery surrounding Hollywood's most monstrous matriarch.

According to one popular celebrity gossip tabloid, it's Kate Gosselin.

The latest issue of Us Weekly goes to great lengths to explain why this reality star is pretty much the worst mother on the planet. According to traitorous nurse Angela Krall, who gladly accepted lots of cash for turning on her former employer, Kate...

  • ... has spent 21 of the last 30 days on the road at various speaking engagements;
  • ... fired 40 employees in three months;
  • ... chose to remain at a restaurant during her son's trip to the emergency room;
  • ... and is obsessed with money and fame.
Mom to Monster!

Kate's brother, meanwhile, has gone public with a marriage contract she and her husband have supposedly agreed to.

Do we automatically believe these allegations? No. But it doesn't speak very well for Kate Gosseln that so many people close to her are willing to sell her out to the tabloids, does it?

The fifth season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 premieres on May 25. Watch a promo for what's sure to be an interesting season right now.


How about praying for someone who really deserves it.


i think that the paparazzi should leave them alone how would you like your hard times to be brodcasted for the world to see. i agree that they (or maybe just kate) are the ones who are staying within the public eye for the $ but if thats what they're wanting and its wrong....y are we helping and coaxing her to do so? so by watching them 24/7 we are playing a part in the becoming of monsters!!!
FYI i feel bad for jon and the kids, so please don't give her the satisfaction of fame


My biggest concern is that thing Kate has been growing on the top of her head. Is that a turkey or some kind of abstract scuplture? Jon is one of the most pathetic excuses for a man I have seen in a while. She dishes it out and he just cowers away. He deserves the abuse.


I have watched this from the beginning and I can honestly say..I Hate Kate.. and she is an emotional and mental abuser! She's horrible and many who started watching the show have stopped because of her. I think its stupid when people say leave them alone when they are the ones keeping themselves in the public eye for $$$$$!! Well, Kate is, that Poor Jon! Jon is on hell of a man to stick by Kate's side all these years and we've all seen why over all these episodes.


People who have watched the show from the beginning should know what's true and what is not. Like the stuff with Kate's brother and whether or not Kate has changed or done anything wrong for her kids. Instead of focusing on the quite normal problems this family is going though (cheating and separation), people should focus on more important things such as the death of innocent children (aka Sandra Cantu, Caylee Anthony as well as the Coleman boys and their mother). The people who killed them are the true "Monsters". Unless you are there with the family and/or know them, leave them in peace to go through with this privately, just as you would like for yourelf.


Kate is a fame whore im sorry I ever made a fan site for Kate shes a bitch. Baby mama


Hey Rick Garner this is a gossip site Kate is a fame whore.


Instead of gossiping and spreading hate about this family, try something different: http://richardtgarner.blogspot...


that's an insult to octomom lizz


Is she like a new Nadya Seuleman or something?

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