Jon & Kate Plus 8 Promo

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In light of their recent marital issues, the fifth season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 ought to be quite entertaining. Enjoy this promo for the series.

I think you need to remember what this women has done for those children. If she wants to eat a meal not in the hospital big deal! Is it a crime NO Get over it


how can you say shes not a loving mother or she dont care about her children thats nonsense people shes so loving and its probabbly because of her that her family is weell organized and together, who are we to judge there life ? and talk about them? everybody needs to mind their business and live your own life. ps: kate your a brave & wonderful women dont give up because with people like me you can make all these nonsense go away real soon.


But, I love Kate, she is beautiful and loving, none is better than Kate.


Kate gosslin is a selfcentered horrible mother who always says she cares about her family more than anything. It's acting. Duh. She cares more about her fame freebies and image than any of her kids. For drying out loud! She left her boy in the hospital and went out to dinner. I was just in the hospital for a week. It's horrible. I can't even imagine what it would have been like if my mom didn't stay with me. A friend of a friend who works for Kate on the show says she is so selfcentered. She turns down a used van someone gave her say a gift because "her kids deserve better than THAT"

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