Jillian Harris, Chris Harrison Describe Bachelorette Premiere

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Monday night's season premiere of The Bachelorette featured a lot of hot new guys and a familiar leading lady who stepped into the starring role with flying colors.

Jillian Harris' quest for love is going to be a fun ride.

Here's what Jillian herself had to say about meeting not just 25, but 30 men she must choose from, as excerpted from her blog on People.com ...


"Being The Bachelorette has been such an incredible experience for me, and I am really looking forward to sharing some of the exciting little tidbits that don’t make it into the show each week right here in this blog.

First things first! I searched long and hard for the perfect gown. The one we settled on was vintage, and had been worn on the red carpet.

I felt incredible in it, but it did need a lot of work to help it fit me like it did.

The only sad part/ The driveway outside is sprayed down before shooting to give it a nice glimmer, so the bottom of my gown got wet while I was waiting for the men!

Speaking of waiting for the limos, that was the very first moment that I felt nervous. I had a strange sense of calm all day, right up until that first limo pulled up.

Bachelorette Dance-Off!

The break-dance-off with Michael and Greg was one of the most fun moments of the night for me. I know I am not the greatest dancer, so I loved that the guys were able to encourage me and poke some fun at the same time.

I was completely overwhelmed by the first 25 guys. I had such a hard time remembering names that I called Jesse Josh ... twice! But then to have 5 more super-hot guys enter the room now that was almost more than I could handle!

I was the most nervous at the rose ceremony, when I had to eliminate 10 great guys. It was the first indication I had that I wasn’t going to be cool as a cucumber all season. It was incredible, difficult and emotional all at the same time."

Follow the jump for some more thoughts, this time from Chris Harrison, venerable Bachelor and Bachelorette host-pimp for 18 seasons, on Monday's show ...

I'm sure you noticed we are back in the same house. I love shooting at this house; not only is it close to where I live, but it looks great on TV.

Once again, huge props to the art department for making everything look so fantastic. I wish you all could meet the small army that works to make this show so good. The first night is always a long one and this one was no different.

We did have one little twist for Jillian Harris:

About half way through the night, I brought five more guys in. I really didn't think much of this, that is until I saw everybody's reaction. I figured it would be fun and Jillian would be excited - the more the merrier, right?

The original 25 guys got pretty territorial, and Jilli got a bit overwhelmed. I think she had just gotten a handle on everything when I threw her the curve ball. She ended up handling it like a pro and that's a good thing.

Speaking of, lets talk about the guys and the cocktail party.

"On a scale of one to Bilbro... I'm Bilbro."

Greg, I'm gonna miss you the most of all. Greg was certainly not the one for Jilli, but damn he would have been outstanding entertainment.

Brian, "Hot tub Harris"... great line. That's gonna stick.

Kyle, if your gonna roll up on The Bachelorette in a Members Only jacket, you can't think you have game - you better have major game. No rose for Kyle.

Greg and Mike challenge each other to a break off - not since the '80s has such a battle been waged. Know this people: The rec center not only wasn't saved this time, it burned to the ground. In the end, in my humble breakin' opinion, Greg did get served and Mike stomped the yard.

Tanner P's foot fetish... Let me tell you, at this point Jillian didn't know anything about his odd desires. Don't worry - this story isn't over yet!

Dave got the first impression rose - what a perfect example of what a great woman Jilli is. Dave really fell all over himself trying to speak when he got out of the limo, and I think Jillian knew his ego had taken a bit of a shot.

Jillian really gave him a shot in the arm by giving him the first impression rose. Class move, Jilli!

Wondering what you guys think of Wes and his song for Jillian.

The first rose ceremony was one of the weirdest scenes I've ever walked into on this show. It felt like there were 50 guys in that room. I know it's only five more than normal, but it just felt very crowded in there.

We went from 30 down to 20, so obviously the numbers are going to be a little different each week. This, oddly enough, really changed the show.

We'll discuss this more in the upcoming weeks.

Let me say this before I go, after 19 roses I know you were confused, and thank God I was there to let you know there was one final rose left.

What would you do without me? Wait, don't answer that! I need the job.

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