Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards: You're a ... N-gger

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Celebrity quotes often makes us laugh, or cringe or wanna find the nearest rope to tie around the neck of Spencer Pratt.

However, the following words - uttered by Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards in a series of voice mails he allegedly left his insane, pathetic ex-wife - take the inappropriate, ridiculous, racist cake.

Hey, Charlie!

On tapes that mysteriously just popped up all over the Internet, Sheen went off on Richards:

I hope I never f-cking talk to you again you f-cking c-nt. F-ck you. You're a coward and a liar and a f-cking n-gger alright, so f-ck you.

We have numerous reactions to this rant:

  • Sheen likes f-cking more than Lindsay Lohan;
  • The sheer stupidity of saying such things on a voice mail almost trumps what was actually said;
  • Which do you think was the bigger insult to black people: The use of the N word, or the implication that Denise Richards is African-American?

Overall, as we've rightfully depicted Richards as an attention whore of an awful mother over the last few weeks, we've forgotten that Charlie Sheen is no Beaver Cleaver himself. The prostitute and pornography lover appears to be a racist moron.

Make a run for it, Brooke Mueller.

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Italians are Europeans that are white.


Charlie Sheen is a nuts!....He was a spolied faggot rich kid,.....( what about me, it's all about me! just like Robert Downey Jr, get a life!....You're children need friggin moron...Get off the drugs and keep away fom the the Hollywood crack/cokehead skankass hobags....who are only using you for you're money


It all depends on what apart of Spain your talking about. The northern part of Spain is mostly white, while the southern part has more of the influences that most Americans speak of, such as moors and arabs. It's simple geography, look at the map and southern spain is close to northern africa, while northern spain is close to france, england, ireland, etc. this is why in galicia, and basque (northern spain) most people are clearly very white, such as fernando torres, soccer star of spain, who is clearly white remember the moors did conquer the south, but they where beat back from the north by northern kingdoms of spain and france if you dont believe me go to spain and see for yourself, seeing is the best proof


block party, what are you talking about. Yeah, he did mean it in a derogatory way, he meant she is ignorant. why would he mean it in any other way. why would that be calling her a black person. the only thing that makes sense is that he was calling her ignorant. the only people who think nigg*r means black person are simple minded racist like oh only black people can be nigg*rs, so therefore he was calling her a black person. I mean what's your definition of nigg*r block party?


the biggest insult to black people is your question. i thought nigg*r meant ignorant person. anybody can be ignorant, not just black people. so i think he was trying to call her ignorant or simple.


have i been living under a rock for the past year? i was really looking up info on 2 1/2 men and came across this! some of you say what is in the dictionary and say that he used it in the "right context" but come on, WHO IN THE HELL CALLS SOMEBODY THAT NOT MEANING IT IN A DEROGATORY WAY? we all know how he ment it and it's really messed up. and for the guy who says he's old enough and mature enough not to let it get name calling get to him obviously hasn't been called a hurtful name. at least not hurtful enough. you know names stick in your head and hurt feelings and if it doesn't, you are a freak. now that was a mean thing to say but it was truthful and NOT DEROGATORY. have a nice day people


It's obvious that Denise Richards has black ancestry.
Charlie Sheen has Phillipino and Spanish ancestry. He had very dark hair so is not pure caucasion. Spaniards have Black ancestry similar to Italians. Hence the term white hispanic as opposed to white non-Hispanic...


look up the word n i g g e r and you will find that it doesn't mean black people or african means lazy, slotful,ignorant....anyone who fits the mold of this definition.....we as black people have a hard time with this word because it was used in reference to us.....we ourself still use the word not understanding the damage still being caused today......if we want to get passed the word we have to be willing to give the word up. charlie used it in the right text when talking to her and unless we were there....we have no idea what was meant when he said it.


Arabs ruled Spain for HUNDREDS OF YEARS. This is why you can tell the difference between a Spaniard and an Englishman. Face it, Spanish have darker blood in them, and it's apparent from their hair (almost always dark) to their dark eyes to their olive skin. Ever seen blondes in England? Lots of them. But in Spain, not that many. This is a fact and everyone knows it. Still, Arabs are Caucasians by race anyway. But if you're Spanish, don't act like you're some pure blood Englishman. The Spanish, like the Italians, were conquered by Arabs and that Arab blood is easily seen.


I am Spanish (spain), and what you say Grisel is a barbarity, the Moors were never more than 2% of the Spanish population, and were expelled by the Catholic Monarchs along with the Jews, everything is in history books, it is a pity all myths that you have sorry for my english

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