Bennifer Backs Barack; Brad & Bill Rebuild New Orleans

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It's always great to report about celebrities giving back to the community and few, if any, are a better example of that than Brangelina.

Former President Bill Clinton, too, is no slouch in that department. Bill hosted his Clinton Global Initiative University, while Pitt, the founder of the Make It Right Foundation, posed with supporters and promoted an all-important cause.

The political and Hollywood stars greeted volunteers and broke ground for new homes in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana, on Sunday.

Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton walked along the street as hundreds of volunteers on each side, wielding shovels and rakes, prepared the land for homes, clearing overgrown grass and weeds that were covering drains and sidewalks.

The foundation headed by Pitt plans to begin building affordable homes for Hurricane Katrina victims, and the 9th Ward was one of the hardest hit.

"We hope to see a huge change here in the next six months," Pitt told a group of residents as the 42nd President stood by his side.

Brad Pitt, Bill Clinton and a young lady named DeeCarla Rogers.

While Brangelina continued rebuilding New Orleans, Bennifer (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner) had politics on the mind, hosting a fundraiser for Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama on Sunday in Boston, Mass.

Wearing a gray suit and black Converse All Star sneakers, Ben Affleck said he and his wife were just doing "their part for society."

Calling the Illinois senator a "genuine, real force" he said "there are a lot of things" he loves about Barack Obama, "but I won't bore you with all of them. I'm an actor. I'm not going to create 10-point policy details."

Affleck has been a Barack Obama supporter since he first met him at the 2004 Democratic convention in Boston, according to the Boston Herald.

Their relationship hasn't gotten too close for comfort.

"I'm just grateful he didn't ask me to do a sexy YouTube video with him," Affleck said, referring to his raunchy music video with Jimmy Kimmel.


The Pitt's bought a home in the French Quarter not long after Katrina, and doing so may have been patrly or even mostly a show of support for New Orleans.However, they discovered something amazing about New Orleans: They can live here almost like normal people.- No Paparazzi stalk them- No bus tours stop in front of their house- They can go to restaurants and eat/drink like normal people- No crowds gather is they go to the grocery store, a mall, or the cinema- And so onThey can literally sit on their front porch in the evening and the most attention they get will be a friendly wave from the occasional passer-by.The Pitts do not live in New Orleans full time (I don't think they live anywhere full-time), but they enjoy it when they are here. There are a number of other celebrities who do live here full-time (ex. John Candy, who is hard to miss) and they enjoy the same level of privacy.That is why you are not getting an answer to your question.

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