Jimmy Kimmel: F@cking Ben Affleck!

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By now, everyone knows that Sarah Silverman is f@cking Matt Damon. The girlfriend of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel made this information public via an hilarious, taunting music video.

Last night, however, we learned of a new twist in the saga: Kimmel is getting it on with Damon's best friend, Ben Affleck.

Bennifer Baby Time!

Among the celebrities that take part in the following video, touting this new relationship, are: Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Don Cheadle, Robin Williams, Rebecca Romijn, Macy Gray, Pete Wentz, Josh Groban and Christina Applegate..

Brad Pitt even delivers a special congratulatory cake. Check it all out now:



But Kanye can sing he just used autotune becsuae he like the way it fit into the concept of the album and he wanted to create an intresting sound. That's the same reason Cher used it. That's the same reason Radiohead used it. That's the same reason Frank Ocean used it. Not to make up for lack of singing. I'm actually quite a fan of Joshs' stuff. I have 5 of his CDs I give the overall rating of all of them a 7.04 / I gave kanyes overall rating of his work a 7.5/ 808s is his worst.


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