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Well, she didn’t actually go to this particular Hollywood hot spot… but she should probably save the effort if she were even thinking about it.

She may be the biggest star in the land, but at one L.A. club, Britney Spears is about as welcome as Heather Mills at Paul McCartney’s home.

The pop singer “is not allowed in” to A-list West Hollywood hot spot Villa, co-owner Vincent Laresca told The New York Times Sunday.

“She came twice, but we don’t want the media circus that would create,” Laresca said of the club, which lists, among other celebrities, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Timberlake, Orlando Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio as its regulars.

Britney Spears is now more sideshow than show-stopper.

NOTE: Lindsay Lohan is allowed in and Britney Spears is not? Splitting hairs among the Ho Train? What would Paris Hilton’s fate be, in that case?

Fortuantely, since her father, Jamie Spears, took over as her co-conservator earlier this year, clubbing in no pants has fallen on Britney’s priority list.

Weeding out the bad seeds like Sam Lutfi was probably smart, too. She may not be allowed at Villa, but she stands a better chance of survival.