Asia Nitollano Officially Snubs Pussycat Dolls

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This might not endear Asia Nitollano to all the critics who believed she should never have won CW's Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll in the first place:

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    Its imani aka destiny :) n when i heard abour asia nitollano wow which was old news??!!??:O i heard the tabloids in the first place wanted her to make up so people talk n get the whole industry hyped up to da pussy cat doll anyhow asia was never a pussycat doll i kw asia she always was a stay at home person is a stay at home person who lives her life works a real job with kids n also gardens at a botanical garden so:O uh anyhow bein a pussycatdoll isnt who she is n isnt in her spanish culture from da les!!


    Hi its imani aka destiny and when i heard about asia nitollano i was like wow cause that was like in 2007 anyhow :O i feel as though asia was always a high self of her self person i mean we talk all the time and she likes to be her anyhow when she told me about the her bein a spokeswriter for music n always had her life wit workn for acs since 2007 and bein a stay at home person who luvs gardenin lilac flowers.It was claimed that da publists and tabloids lie to viewers anyhow iam catholic so i dnt kw:O!:)!


    Wow :O is it surprising to here about my cousin asia nitillano anyhow when i heard that she never claimed her self as a doll or a sideechick anyhow i heard the publist and tabloids wanted an insider for people to make noise is so immature n i feel that the people just wanna make up shit dats dumb anyhow asia always said she luvs her life as a childcare worker and stay a home mom deed anyhow asia always been find with her bein her in the first place and likes to talk about what music and the meaning of life!


    hi its imani and when i heard about asia nitollano well i mean we are cousins but anyhow when i heard she didnt come in as to become a pussy cat doll n the first place she was fine with workin wit kids @ a local daycare in mount vernon and at the time mistakened her for a pussy cat doll??? :O wow anyhow i heard she had her own life and a job who worked for acs and jus became a spokeswriter @ first n never had options of bein a doll because of her catholic religion n because of her bilingual spanish culture!


    Wow that's so stupid- why would you enter a contest to be a part of the Pussycat Dolls and then just quit? I wanted Chelsea Korka to win. What a waste :(


    Hey there,

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song by Beyonce that
    was played during the Pussycat Dolls try outs last year?
    I am not that familiar with Beyonce music, but I really
    like the song they played for that show where Asia won.



    The song selfish isnt from the same asia??? :S


    so did she bail out on PCD? because that is the HUGEST WASTE! Melissa or Chelsea could of won. Was this her whole plan to bail? If she tried to win and then get famous and go solo then that's so stupid. A bajillion other girls could of had a chance to become part of PCD and she was chosen to take the title and then how come shes not part of PCD anymore? Asia wanted to pursue a solo career, then why did she participate in this reality show? Shes so UGH!


    asia used the competition to gain popularity. and when she won, she thought that she could make it if she goes solo. it was a bad decision for her to decline their offer of being a menber of the PCD.


    eeewww, asia is so darn eeeeeeewwww!!!! like what chelsea said when asia sing ( "she's like suffering" ) why did she quit and have her solo career she's so dull. no one would appreciate her voice. i wish melissa r. won bcoz she deserves it. that stupid robin only chose asia bcoz melissa r. is like nicole s.. GO DOWN ASIA!!!! GO DOWN!!!!

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